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When Rand and co. are on the Spray Domon mentions all the weird things he's seen or heard about. Almost all of them we see later on (Ghenjei, the crystal on Tremalking, the bowl with the spire thing, etc.), but he also mentions this:
tEotW 24
A crystal lattice covering an island, and it hums when the moon is up.
Is this supposed to be anything we've seen?

Later, when they reach Whitebridge, this happens:
tEotW 26
Rand stared even more wonderingly. From the Age of Legends. Made by Aes Sedai, then. That was why Captain Domon felt the way he did, for all his talk about the wonder and strangeness of the world. Aes Sedai work. One thing to hear about it, another to see it, and touch it. You know that, don't you? For an instant it seemed to Rand that a shadow rippled through the milk-white structure. He pulled his eyes away, to the docks coming nearer, but the bridge still loomed in the corner of his vision.
Uh...what? Is this just a random trick of the eye that's supposed to be symbolic of Rand's thoughts, or...?

When Moiraine and co. arrive in Whitebridge, she changes her mind and decides to go after Perrin instead of Rand and Mat. Her reasoning is that she doesn't know where Rand and Mat went, when A) She can apparently sense their fear, which would lead her down the Caemlyn Road, and B) She didn't really know where they were anyway until she finally sensed them in the common room at Whitebridge. So I don't really get her reasoning here.

I'm a little confused with what happens in the Tinker camp. Elyas is waiting for "something" to happen before they leave. Ishamael shows up and breaks the wolf wards on Perrin's dreams (at least, I assume that's what happened). Then he has a raven peck out Perrin's eye (which apparently has no physical effect on him in the real world) and says "I mark you mine." So what did this marking do? Can't Ishamael track them all anyway through the dreams? And apparently Ishamael breaking through the wolf wards and attacking Perrin was the secret signal Elyas was waiting for?

When they finally leave, Raen looks at the sky and says that it's an evil day (or something to that effect). Is this just a somewhat melodramatic scene in which the wise old man is able to look up at the sky and tell the day will be evil? Or can he "read the wind"? (ie, channel). Also, nothing happens that day. It's at least a day, maybe more until the ravens attack them.

When Elyas talks about Artur Hawkwing, he says that Hawkwing conquered everything "...from the Aryth Ocean to the Aiel Waste, and even some beyond the Waste." I don't remember, but Hawkwing didn't unite the Aiel along with everyone else, did he? But he apparently did make it to Shara? So are some of his descendants over there too?

I know the Whitecloaks are heading for Caemlyn, but where the heck are they coming from? They're in the middle of nowhere. And did they not have to ride through the swarms of man-eating ravens?

Also, why do the Whitecloaks smell "wrong" to Perrin. Just cause they're all assholes?
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