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I was hoping to finish tEotW tonight, but that will have to wait till tomorrow. Instead here's a whole slew of random questions/comments:

When Moiraine's talking with Loial about the Ways, she mentions she's of the Blue Ajah. As far as I can remember, this is the first time she's done so. Maybe she mentioned it off screen to everyone else, but If not Rand and co. should be wondering if she's really Red Ajah, which at this point is made out to be the Slytherin of the White Tower.

When Moiraine leaves The Queen's Blessing, she tells Gill to get help from Sheriam if he gets in trouble because of her. Is this sort of a tEotWism, since RJ hadn't come up with a kazillion other named Aes Sedai yet? Wouldn't a Blue Sitter or the leader (forget the title) be a better option than the Mistress of Novices?

Convenient that the shopkeeper above the Waygate built a cellar with ten-foot ceilings and a bulkhead that allows horses to fit/ride down it.

It's kind of funny that Rand's more amazed at the fact that the platforms in the Ways defy gravity than the fact that's he's in another dimension that can transport him anywhere in Randland in a few hours.

It's nice of Loial to wait to warn Rand not to charge at the Waygate until after he's already gone through.

Rand apparently forgets that Min told him Thom was part of everything.

At one point Loial says you can't navigate the Ways without an Ogier guide, even if you can read the Ogier tongue. Apparently he's wrong about this.

Something I never noticed before is that the Trollocs caught in the trap in the Ways (the ones half sunk into the stone) were on the bridge that would lead them to Tar Valon, according the Loial. Were the Trollocs attacking TV and just got killed before they could make it?

How did the key go missing from the Fal Dara Waygate? Did Ingtar or some random DF from Fal Dara take it?

Did Moiraine use balefire on the Black Wind? Her weave's described as "liquid light" and "a syrup of fire," but also "a blazing spear of white and red and yellow." Not a perfect match in description, but it seems like a desperate enough time for Moiraine to use BF.

Why do they speak the Old Tongue in Shienar?

I'm wondering now about the significance of Rand's actions at Tarwin's Gap. I think a lot of people tend to forget about this (I do, at least). How many Trollocs does Rand kill here (I haven't actually gotten to this scene yet). From what Ingtar and Agelmar say, the Trollocs could easily overrun Shienar and outnumber the soldiers there ten to one. My point is, did the DO and Ishamael legitimately think they could overrun all of Randland here and start the Last Battle? Was Rand's destruction of the Trolloc army the only reason they had to wait another year or two (or whatever it is) to start the Last Battle again?

On a somewhat related note, it's kind of ironic in hindsight that Moiraine seems to legitimately believe that they can destroy the DO once and for all at the Eye.

Moiraine's conversation with Agelmar makes it nearly beyond obvious that at least one of the three boys can channel, yet they still don't seem to get it. Rand might, but then he forgets it in time to be surprised again when he really does find out he can channel. I guess you can just chalk it up to the three of them trying as hard as possible to ignore all the evidence, since it's such a horrible fate as they see it.

I'm pretty sure this is never answered, but are there any theories as to why Moiraine visited the Eye previously?

Agelmar asks how Fain could have reached the walls of Fal Dara unseen, and the only answer he gets is when Ingtar says something stupid about how the Light must have blinded the guards on the wall. But how did Fain sneak in? I forget, does he have the power to conceal himself someway? Mordeth can apparently expand and possibly shrink... But if Fain has a stealth mode you'd think he'd use it more often.

Part of Lan's oath is that he has to "stand against the Shadow so long as iron is hard and stone abides." So is released from his oath after the bubbles of evil actually make this stuff happen?

So we know the Fade who may be Shadar Haran is with Fain at Shadar Logoth. Was it his presence that enabled Ba'alzamon to appear there? I know Ba'alzamon is Ishamael and not the DO, but Ishamael doesn't seem able to appear in the world physically at this point either.

There are several mentions of other "things" residing in Shadar Logoth, despite the fact that Moiraine also says (I believe) that Mordeth and Mashadar are the only residents. There's the "unnatural assassins" from Moiraine's story that chase Caar from Shadar Logoth. Fain says the Trollocs with him were "consumed by Mashadar and other things." And when she talks about her wards in SL, Moiraine says "[Mordeth] cannot cross the ward lines, nor can any other denizen of this place. And they must hide from the sunlight, so we can leave safely once it is day." I'm guessing this is a reference to the unseen eyes or "watchers" that they feel. But what are they? Actual creatures? Ghosts of the residents of Aridhol? Even though we never see them, they apparently can come out to attack, as they did with the Trollocs. I never really thought of the watchers as being anything more than "the evil of Shadar Logoth" or something vague like that.

The fact that Fain's guidance system lead him right by Perrin (while following Rand and Mat to Caemlyn) probably rules him out as being the DR at this point, though Moiraine never mentions if she thinks this way or not.

Okay, this is just something random I thought of based on a description of Lan, but does Rand gain the extra strength/stamina/senses of a Warder after bonding the three girls? Do Aes Sedai bonded by Asha'man get this stuff?
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