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Originally Posted by Terez View Post
The real TEOTWism is Morgase thinking about Sheriam being Mistress of Novices at a time when she was probably still a novice.
Wouldn't that be a TDRism?

Does she? I'm not so sure.
Well, after Agelmar freaks out over the fact that the DO might be loose already, she replies: "Not yet. If we win at the Eye of the World, perhaps not ever again."

Granted, I guess she could just be saying this on the off chance that Rand somehow does manage to defeat the DO. The "perhaps" keeps it from being a lie, at least.

Ingtar probably let him in. We know for sure that 1) Ingtar helped him escape, and 2) Ingtar was ordered to let a Gray Man inside the gates.
That still wouldn't explain how no one noticed him cross the field (twice) and scale the wall.

Ok, I finished.

I noticed the map at the front of tEotW (the b/w one, not the color one from later books) is pretty inaccurate in regard to Fal Dara, Fal Moran, and Tarwin's Gap. The enlarged map before the "Fal Dara" chapter seems to be the accurate one based on the info in the book (Tarwin's Gap is east of Fal Dara, not west), and the colored maps in later books seems to confirm this.

Just kind of a random speculation, but do the Worms transform into the giant octopus with stingers and hands thing in the lake? I know they supposedly don't transform anymore, but that could be the last one and it's remained hidden. It seems pretty big in any case...

When Egwene's going on about dragging everyone else along with her to Tar Valon, Moiraine comments to Rand that she can "find something for you to do in Tar Valon. [...] Not herding sheep, perhaps, but something you will find interesting." This isn't necessarily a lie, perse, but what could Rand possibly find "interesting" in TV at this stage? I guess he could find the architecture somewhat pleasing before the Red Ajah arrests and gentles him.

And a somewhat related question, are the Three Oaths around yet in Book 1? I know Tam warns Rand about how the truths AS say aren't necessarily the truths you think they're saying and all that, but are they ever said to be magically bound not to lie? In other words, was RJ working under the idea that nothing Moiraine says can be a lie?

When Rand sees the ancient symbol of the AS above the Eye tunnel entrance, he immediately recognizes it. Is this a LTT thing, or just common knowledge?

Why did the Green Man leave his post at the Eye 2000 years ago to see Avendesora in Rhuidean? Is this a mistake, or did he just have some vacation time coming after the first 1000 years?

When she's talking about how the Eye was created, Moiraine makes it clear that she knows about the channelers in Shara, but doesn't mention the Wise Ones. I know they're kind of a secret, but how would Randland Aes Sedai know all about channelers in Shara but not the Aiel Waste?

Aginor apparently know which of the three boys is the DR when he gets to the Eye. Did the DO or Ishamael finally find out, or did Aginor just sense Rand's ability to channel when they walked up?

I'm not sure I ever really understood the funny black cord things the Forsaken are sometimes attached to. I tried looking at the FAQ, but it's apparently inconsistent whether or not they always have the cords, or if they're sometimes in TAR but not other times, etc. Rand severing Asmo's cord seems to have a very different effect than severing Ishamael's cord.

Did RJ really write this with a straight face?:
Ba'alzamon had a cord, too, he saw. A black cord, thicker by far than his own.
Has it ever been confirmed who the VOICE is? Or who the CHOSEN ONE is?

Is Kari al'Thor real in this scene? Like, has Ishamael really been torturing the soul of Rand's "mom" for the past fifteen years or whatever it's been? Or is she just an illusion?

Why does Moiraine think it's necessary for the Horn to go to Illian? I forget of this is answered in tGH or not...

Well, 1 down, 13 more to go...
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