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Originally Posted by Terez View Post
He used it with Ishamael.
Ah, ok. Not sure why I didn't remember that. I was pretty sure it was used somewhere though.

What's Fain's overall plan in this book? Does he just want to create chaos in Falme and then lure Rand there, in the off chance Rand gets killed there? Doesn't he want to kill Rand himself? I found it weird that he runs across half of Randland to use the Cairhien Waygate specifically. Is this just Fain's idea of getting revenge on Rand for being forced the chase Rand throughout book 1?

I know RJ said that Ingtar freed Fain. So does that mean he also knocked out Egwene and Mat? They both seem to have suffered memory loss from the attack, but you'd think Ingtar would be a little worried that they'd remember it was him who attacked them.

This is from a little earlier in the book, but what is Fain looking at through the dungeon walls? The dagger makes sense, and he can still sense the three boys, but Rand specifically notes that Fain's probably looking at the women's quarters. Is he sensing the Black Ajah members there? Can he somehow sense Moiraine and Siuan?

Who ordered all the doors of the keep closed earlier? It clearly wasn't Agelmar, and Lan's "troubled look" (or something like that) makes it seem like it wasn't Moiraine. So was it just Ingtar?

Who wrote the Dark Prophecy? Verin says it must have been a Fade or an "educated darkfriend," but knowing what we know about Verin now, does the educated DF refer to herself? I don't know if she necessarily wrote something on the walls in the dungeon, or just made up the whole thing to tell Siuan and Moiraine.

This might be explained in New Spring or somewhere else, but why do the Aiel attack Tar Valon in the Aiel War? Isn't their plan to kill Laman and leave, as quickly as possible? It seems like they could have easily snuck five Aiel into Cairhien overnight and assassinated him, rather than starting an entire war, let alone attacking a city a hundred miles away from where their target is.

When talking to Rand, Siuan says that people in Arad Doman believe the DO is dead. I don't remember this really being a thing later in the series with Domani characters, so I'm guessing RJ just dropped the idea.

When Ingtar and everyone finally leave Fal Dara, Hurin says the trail leads south. Everyone's surprised, but Ingtar says that Siuan suspected this would be the case. Why? How could Siuan possibly have predicted this?

The guys in Illian just want Domon Bayle's seal, right? Instead of concocting an elaborate ruse that involves paying Bayle to sail to Mayene, forging Galldrian's signature on a fake note, having Bayle's ship searched be random people who know nothing about the seal, and presumably following Bayle to Mayene so they can actually get the seal, couldn't they just...kill him and take the seal?
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