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I know the weird repeating room with the flies thing in the village is Fain's work. And the ghosts of the two dead renegade Asha'man later in Far Madding are too, right? Assuming Fain is the one who impersonated Sammael in KoD, was that basically the same kind of illusion? Does Fain have the power to make illusions only of people he's actually killed (assuming Mashadar killing Sammael equals that)?

The Darkfriends with Fain don't seem to be from Fal Dara. We're they dropped off there after the DF Social?

Maybe this is answered later, but why can't certain people open the box the Horn is in? Moiraine, Siuan, Lanfear, and Turak are able to, but Fain can't despite presumably a lot of effort.

Fain says he can't sense Rand when Rand's doing his "vanishing trick." Does this just mean when he's in the void/holding the OP?

FWIW, Egwene and Nynaeve and all of them must pass by the Field of Merrilor on their way to Tar Valon.

Did Rand actually send everyone to the mirror world accidentally in his sleep, or did Lanfear do it? Rand's own PoV makes it seem like it was him, but Egwene's dream shows Lanfear standing over Rand while he sleeps before there's a flash of light and they're all gone. If Lanfear got them there in the first place, is she also responsible for getting them back? She knows Rand has no clue what he's doing at this point. And Rand's later attempt at using a Portal Stone to go to Toman's Head isn't exactly an enormous success.

What happened when Rand's void "shatters" in the mirror world? He seems to feel the Taint for the first time. I know there's been discussion about this, but I couldn't remember what it was exactly...

Do we have any idea what happened in this mirror world? Assuming the Trollocs won and then killed everything (including themselves), where did all the weird Seanchan things come from? Are they just mutant creatures that escaped whatever happened? Were they mutated by whatever burned the trees and created the smoke lines in the sky?

How does Lanfear know all about the Seanchan creatures? Did she visit Toman's Head or Seanchan before seeking out Rand?

When Ishamael appears to Rand (right before he gets his first brand), Ishamael says he knows that Moiraine told him he's the DR. Is this something Verin would have told him? I don't think anyone else knew aside from her, Siuan, Moiraine, and Rand himself.

When they finally recover the Horn and dagger, Rand explains about Mat's need for the dagger, and Loial says something like "Ah, so that's what was wrong with him!" But Loial should have known all that already, as he was there when Moiraine explained everything in Caemlyn.
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