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Old 08-11-2010, 08:11 AM
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While I think it is likely the BUT are the Unseen Eyes, I am skeptical about the nature of the Eyes.

I would rather guess the Unseen Eyes is the DO ability to gain information. (consider what Demandred thinks in LoC Prologue about how he is often surprised the DO knows some things and is ignorant of others).

Here is why:
You have to turn the question around: the question is not "what entity is using unseen eyes in TAR?" the question is "who has an interest in learning something trough TAR and could have gained an advantage from it?"

I know this argument is based on significance for the plot but I think it is important.
What would some ancient evil learn from TAR? What does it do with the information? Most of what occurred in TAR from books 4 on is dealt with by now, a lot of the information gained by the "Unseen Eyes" is pretty old and useless by now. So this evil would be discovered in the next books it would be sort of pointless.

Now consider the DO: he would have put all he learned to good use by now.

Of course the argument of who puts what he sees to good use would hold for others besides the DO too (e.g., the Forsaken), but the Unseen Eyes seem to be something without a real body, more of a constant entity in TAR.

Of course I have to say I also find this idea very intriguing:
Originally Posted by ckparrothead View Post
2. It's interesting that we're sort of debating how this could end up being something big but one thing we do already know is that whatever evil it was that contaminated Mordeth and Aridhol, this evil that attracts the Shadow, it and the Taint canceled one another out to where they both basically disappeared forever...sort of a parallel to matter and anti-matter meeting one another. So I mean IF the unseen eyes are connected to the evil that tainted Mordeth, which is just a theory but it's fun, and we're trying to figure out how that's going to play some kind of pivotal role...I think there are some possibilities contained in that concept of what happened at the cleansing of the taint. Just sayin.
Very good connection. Which leads me to the following:
"He shall hold a blade of light in his hands, and the three shall be one." (TGS, Ch. 48)
I previously thought this could be Rand-LTT-Moridin but now I think it may be Rand-Moridin-Mordeth and that Rand must somehow balance Moridin as a link to the DO and Mordeth as a link to the Shadar Logoth evil to seal the prison flawless.

Of course this has not much to do with the Unseen Eyes but it would make it likely that the SL-evil will play a more important role in the books to come.

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