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Old 12-16-2010, 12:56 PM
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Default Live Team News

Interesting tid bits.

Originally Posted by John Stumme on Guild Wars Wiki
Just wanted to chime in here in regards to promises and updates and whatnot. I've stated in a few places the order that things would be happening, but it usually hasn't been in concentrated form. The original order was Keiran stuff -> Wintersday -> EB -> Cantha -> Things people are going to be surprised by (that we're not talking about yet.) We changed it a bit so that Dervish comes after Wintersday, and before EB. It's been a long time coming, and it's a pretty major change. I am personally looking forward to the day when the first response to every update is "Where's the (anything other than Dervish) update?" As far as I'm aware, we haven't done anything that has deviated from the things I've said. Sometimes information tends to get skewed by the telephone game, (especially on forums) so hopefully this clears up some of those misunderstandings.

On the topic of dervish update vs embark beach: Originally Posted by John Stumme
It's the other way around, actually. I've put off the Embark build until the Dervish stuff is out, that way there's no conflicts of programming resources for Robert. So, Dervish update will be out before then.

Originally Posted by John Stumme
Curtailing a bit more incorrect information: Winds of Change won't be "tied" to Canthan New Year. The festival is its own thing, and WoC is independent of it. WoC will be the major story over the course of next year, so no worries about Cantha not getting enough love compared to Prophecies.

Originally Posted by John Stumme
Hello to you, my friends who share information on the Wiki and forums! If anyone feels like relaying this, since it seems to be causing some conflict: the only thing required to get to Winds of Change when it comes out is that you have beaten Factions. It's entirely its own storyline, and I want to be able to start fresh with it.

On the topic of why the hero party cap isn't removed right now: Originally Posted by John Stumme
To answer why we don't do it right now, there are things that we can do that will make this a better experience to go along with it. If you release something early, no matter how much you message "Hey, it will get better down the line," that seldom gets through. What you end up with is initially "This sucks," and then the improvements feel reactive, rather than proactive. It was an intentional choice on my part to let people know "Hey, we're going to be doing this," because I feel like it's better to let people know what's going on, and to give them something to look forward to. The price I pay is of course is "Why isn't this out yet?" (or my personal favorite that I've seen so far: I only care about costumes. Lulz.) But I would rather that people have something to <i>want</i> than to wonder what's even going on at all.

On the topic of full hero parties: Originally Posted by John Stumme
To answer the original question - the early part of next year. There's something pretty awesome going into that build in addition to the Hero / Embark Beach stuff along with some other improvements to the game. We'll probably be talking about it more as we get closer to it being released, for now the focus is on Wedding/Wintersday.

On the topic of whether they will release skill previews to the dervish skill update: Originally Posted by John Stumme.
We're planning to release something about it, yeah. I don't have a specific date for it since skill balance is Robert's domain, but I do think people will be surprised when they see just how much went into the update. Hint: it's not just a bunch of number changes.

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