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Old 06-11-2011, 03:10 AM
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Glad to hear everyone reporting similar experiences as I have. I have just left my book aside (figuratively speaking as it resides in my kindle).

Instead I have started the Song of Ice and Fire series (late I know but other than WoT and LoTR I never really liked fantasy) and am absolutely loving it. Wish I had started it far earlier. But please no spoilers. I am finding I have to be so careful on DM because people put spoilers in there without thinking.

Only problem is getting hooked on a new series when you have just started a new part-time job and also have large assignments due in the very near future isn't a good idea
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Old 06-20-2011, 03:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Ishara View Post
yks, after you finished did you see what I meant about the shift in thinking re: homo/trans-sexual relationships? The Mammoth Hunters and PoP both featured non-traditional characters with no identifiable gender, as well as same-sex unions, some with children. I just found the definitive statements towards the end about unions to be way over the top. But I could have just started hating things in and around the "he's making my baby!" scenes...LOL
right. I finally finished it.

to answer your question, no I didn't perceive it as a shift against gay/transgender relationships (and I was paying particular attention, there's this one bit where they're discussing all the ramifications and Zelandonii says something to the effect that it's always nice to have a mate to take care of children and sometimes two women mate each other for example, in that case the child has two mothers. Something like that). I *did* find that there was a clear shift in the "people's minds" towards the traditional monogamous relationship though. And I got the impression that the main characters (= Auel herself?) didn't entirely approve.

I finally got to see what happened to Lanidar's family... but it was such an anticlimax considering that they'd not been mentioned for the whole damn book. Likewise so much time was spent cavorting around caves in the middle part of the book that when Folara was falling in love I had to pause and think "who's Folara?"

Speaking of caves, I found the end of the Big Cave really disappointing. I mean, Ayla goes in there all by herself - presumably to discover something about herself/the world and then when she gets to the end... nothing?

also, I kept being distracted by the horses. Aren't they getting old? doesn't Ayla/the Ninth Cave want to continue to breed/keep horses? if so, they ought to take a leaf out of Ayla's Gift of Knowledge book and get some horse-breeding thing going

I wasn't so put off by Jondalar's outburst, in fact I was surprised that he'd held together as long as he did, considering all the times his attack on Madroman was described. [tongue in cheek] I mean, srsly, doesn't he love Ayla as much or more than he loved Zolena? [/tongue in cheek] I really disliked Ayla's taking the blame for it though. I mean, yeah, she knew what she was doing would cause Jondalar pain but she is NOT responsible for Jondalar's actions. That line of thought was much too close to justifying domestic violence for my taste (although, as I might have mentioned before, I have overall a really hard time believing the kumbaya-society Auel has built where there's very little violence and everybody just loves everybody else. After all, there have been documented primitive societies living in the stone-age technological level who routinely had tribe wars and ate their enemies ritually).

edit: I just realized that the above came off really negative. I did overall find the book ok. some parts were slower to read than others, and the third section of the book was the best with regards to actual content and the style of writing felt more like the earlier books. I did like that most of the loose ends were tied up and finished
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