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Old 04-11-2012, 03:52 PM
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(much like medieval Jewish communities in England and Spain, they have moved in numbers to live under Seanchan rule).
Lets just hope for the Tinkers' sake, they dont take up banking and then lend the Empress, may she live forever, large sums of money that are difficult to pay back.
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Old 04-11-2012, 03:54 PM
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Or that the Emplress doesn't need a scapegoat to abuse to distract the masses...

Yeah, the example sort of falls apart if we play it too far into the future...
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Old 04-11-2012, 08:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Boli View Post
I'm not denying that, but as far as I can see there is only ONE line which gives the difference between Aiel and the rest of the Western Realm; which is Rand's skin is a differnt colour. I believe there is an alusion later towards it with "Aiel Colouring" but it is ambiguous if it is skin colouring or hair/eyes.

What always got me is it was obvious they were Aiel at a distance even dressed in "wetlander" clothes. I mean what is so different about Aviendia? There are many examples of fair hair/eyes outside of the waste. Elayne with red-gold hair and blue eyes has never been mistaken for Aiel even when in a dress next to Aviendia.

So are they darker or lighter... its never been specified. I prefer more the Lighter (and tanned) Aiel vs the Olive skinned Wetlanders; but it could easily be taken the other way and Aiel are more Arabian in colouring.

Either way I always found it amusing.
Yeah, the Aiel, aside from Rand, have the darker skin which is more of a tan than being the skin they're born with.

Kind of like moving the Norse to the desert and Arabs to the harsh and cold North (Borderlands).
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Old 04-13-2012, 06:06 PM
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Originally Posted by TruthSeeker View Post
Plain and simple.

There are no black heroes in the series at all. The only time black people even appear are as villains (especially evil villains at that): Semirhage, Toun (haha, nice try whity, making a black woman a slave owner?), etc.
And? There need not be.

Besides, I do not think of Tuon as a villain, especially not with her rule over the southeastern Randlands. You seem far off mark with the slave owner comment. If you are so fixated on historic slavery of blacks, then why not see Tuon as a kind of pay-back for centuries of primarily Arabian but also European slave trade with Africans? Also, slavery was very common in Sub-Saharan Africa, since humans once were more valuable than territory as a resource in much of Africa.

Besides, you do forget Tylee Khirgan, who is portrayed in a sympathetic way in KoD and TGS.

Originally Posted by TruthSeeker
Look at the Aiel. What a convenient way to replace native american/middle eastern cultures with more white people.
Rather look at the Aiel as a nice way of pulling off the chaos of the Breaking of the World. People ended up scattered who-knows where, and as others have shown this is apparent throughout the Wetlands, not to speak of the huge Seanchan empire.

Is it racist of Jordan to have "primitive savages" (Aiel and some of the Seanchan hill tribes) as white? Would it have been if they had been a different colour? If so, why?

Originally Posted by TruthSeeker
The "best" country is white-only: Andor.
And? I've seen others mark out Andor as the best country in WoT, but whilst quite likeable or at least mighty by Wetland standards, Andor pales in comparison with the Borderlands. In my eyes, of course, since it is a matter of taste. Perhaps it is instead racist against whites, what with Andoran midwifes tasting urine?

Let creative people do what they please with imaginary worlds without being so rash as to stamp isms on them. What if a Fantasy writer wrote about a whole continent or world that is entirely African, European, Asian or Middle Eastern? Well, that's fine, just let them do so. No need to search anxiously for "subtle racism" or whatever.

Originally Posted by TruthSeeker
The only non-white cultures, Tear, Illian, Ebou Dar, are portrayed as weird, ignorant, and silly. Also they are conquered by a whiteman, of course.
Entirely matter of taste, this. Weird, ignorant and silly? I don't think so, although some Altaran oddities made me laugh. Besides, Illian and Ebou Dar are pretty white as far as I remember, and Tear have some pale people. Murandy is white too, is it not? Well, that country is a mess, a little bit like the German Holy Roman Empire. What does it matter if they're conquered by a "whiteman"? Is there something inherently extra wrong about whites? And Ebou Dar, too? Someone better warn Mat!

Originally Posted by TruthSeeker
There are almost no black channellers, except Semirhage and every single one of the powerful channellers are all white....
I think you've discovered anti-white racism here, with almost all of the evil Forsaken being white! See the flawed reasoning I pulled up there? Now, reread your own original post.

Besides, there are some dark-skinned Tairen Aes Sedai, not to speak of the Atha'an Miere. If people think the Sea Folk is annoying, then that's a subjective matter of taste, but they certainly doesn't appear as some kind of intentionally irritating people to me. Rather, they make sense a ship-living people with their strict hierarchies and discipline, and every people on Earth have surely had some odd custom that someone must find annoying.

To round off, I think this thread started as a troll attempt. Pull another one, why dontcha? Try "Is the Wheel of Time Communist?"

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Old 05-12-2012, 11:23 AM
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Originally Posted by AbbeyRoad View Post

Also, black and white races are not the only two in existence. Shienar is based on Japan; I didn't know they were "white men."
The culture is Japanese, the weapons and architecture western European, but the ethnic features...I always pictured them and the Malkieri as a having a Nnative American look. Am I wrong?

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Old 05-13-2012, 05:58 PM
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The Borderlanders, in general, always seemed to me to be mixed race, or at least diverse. I remember some Shienarans being described as dark, while others have blue eyes and pale hair. Same with Arafel.

And though Andor is predominately white, no one thought it odd that Gaebril was not only a fellow Andoran but a lord. I'm pretty sure Elayne described some of the early queens of Andor as being as dark as the Sea Folk, too.
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