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Old 12-24-2017, 05:24 PM
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Another aspect of the series that i thought i shouldn't lay too much emphasis on before the end is the role of the pattern. Basically, the series itself to me was the DO vs the pattern. Essentially, Rand cant match the DO for raw power. But the pattern can. In essence, its the true prison warden for the DO. But it uses instruments (men) to achieve this. And men from both sides of the so called divide.
So the pattern will take Lanfear's plans and use it to achieve its ends. Same for Rand, Sammael, Moridin and everyone else. As long as they exist within the pattern, they're at its mercy.
So the Rand Sammael fight makes more sense that way. Rand avoids madness because he is not using the angreal and sa'angreal. And Sammael is tempted to take him on because it is known he doesn't carry Callandor about. I don't see Rand as being that devious and the memories from LTT haven't made him that smart.
More, the pattern can easily nudge Sammael's vanity to make him want to destroy Rand at a place like Shadar Logoth. And it makes sense. SL didn't exist in the aol, so its just a place that the nitwits of the current age are afraid of. Nothing to bother someone as powerful as Sammael. if he thought there was a threat, he'd probably have warded himself against it. (moiraine made the wards, so it can be done)
But fighting in SL is something like guerilla warfare/street fighting. Moving around with inverted gateways, locating your enemy and hitting ruthlessly before he's even aware, etc. I guess it was too tempting for Sammael to pass up.
But the pattern needed the encounter between Rand and Moridin as well. a part of the build up to the DO's eventual defeat.

Originally Posted by Gonzo
Maybe Moiraine should've thought about it a bit more before acting too.
Well, we don't know exactly what she saw in the Rhuidean terangreal, but you may want to consider the alternatives for a smart woman like Moiraine. She might keep the angreal hidden and safely balefire Lanfear from a prepositioned vantage point or some such trick she might pick up from the angreal. but what happens after?
First Moiraine will be famous and thus a target. I see no reason the DO will allow her to reach TG alive. So if she kills/defeats Lanfear, she loses and likely the FoL also lose with her eventually.
Secondly, Moiraine killing or capturing Lanfear removes her influence from among the forsaken and may be the stimulus they need to act together rather than alone.
So if Moiraine and Lanfear where both important to the DO's defeat, then the terangreal option was the best strategy for the pattern to achieve its ends. So it will allow a smart girl like Moiraine to see that she can survive TG and be a big hero if she follows a certain path. The pattern could have used anyone really, but smart ones tend to follow through on smart ideas like survival with little prodding.
Of course, we know ishamael lied a lot. If the pattern kept bringing him and LTT back, then no matter how many times he claims he won, it also meant that the DO never won once. Because a win for the DO can only come by breaking the pattern. Breaking it also ends the circle of repetition and ends the wheel. But if Rand didn't scuff at him for saying that... then he wsn't anywhere near the philospher/believer that LTT was.
Sorry i didn't make any quotes from the books this time. Don't know why i don't feel like. See ya
May the Dragon live on in the hearts of all true believers.
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Old 12-25-2017, 05:00 AM
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Using balefire against Lanfear probably wouldn't have been a good idea. Either the WT would have condemned Moiraine for it, or they would have started using balefire against the Shadow too. Neither option would have been beneficial, it seems.
However, tackling Lanfear and sticking a knife in her liver at the same time is less obviously a bad idea. Which does indeed suggest that Moiraine saw something in the Rhuidean ter'angreal which convinced her that there would be undesirable consequences of such an action.
I do not anticipate the invention of a working time machine in the foreseeable future.
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