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Old 09-05-2011, 07:25 AM
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Default Winter's Heart, noticed this morning

Originally Posted by WH, 13, Wonderful News
“I have the most wonderful news, Cadsuane.” By the sound other, she was not all certain how wonderful it was. “I know you said I should keep Damer busy here in the Palace, but he insisted on looking at the sisters still in the Aiel camp. Mild-tempered as he is, he’s very insistent when he wants to be, and sure as the sun there’s nothing can’t be Healed. And, well, the fact of it is, he’s gone and Healed Irgain. Cadsuane, it’s as if she’d never been . . . ” She trailed off, unable to say the word. It hung in the air even so. Stilled.

“Wonderful news,” Cadsuane said flatly. It was. Every sister carried the fear somewhere deep inside that she might be cut off from the Power. And now a way to Heal what could not be Healed had been discovered. By a man. There would be tears and recriminations before this was done with. In any case, while every sister who heard would consider it a world-shaking discovery—in more ways than one; a man!—it was a storm in a teacup compared to Rand al’Thor. “I suppose she is offering herself up to be beaten like the others?”

“She won’t need to,” Verin said absently. She was frowning at an inkstain on her finger, but she seemed to be studying something beyond. “The Wise Ones apparently decided that Rand had punished Irgain and the other two sufficiently when he . . . did what he did. At the same time they were treating the others like worthless animals, they have been working to keep those three alive. I heard talk about finding Ronaille a husband.”

“Irgain knows all about the oaths the others swore.” Corele’s voice took on tones of amazement. “She started weeping for the loss of her Warders almost as soon as Damer finished with her, but she’s ready to swear, too. The thing of it is, Damer wants to try with Sashalle and Ronaille, too.” Surprisingly, she drew herself up almost defiantly. She had always been as arrogant as any other Yellow, but she had always known where she stood with Cadsuane. “I can’t see letting a sister remain in that condition if there’s a way out, Cadsuane. I want to let Damer try his hand with them.”
And of course, later in the book he succeeds with both Sashalle and Ronaille, too.

Now, very little has been made of these three other than that they've been healed, and we've generally assumed it was done just to show that Flinn could do it and that a woman healed by a man would go back to full strength. However, it occurred to me this morning that here we have three AS, apparently sworn to Rand, none of whom are bound by the Three Oaths, and no-one has realised. It would be terrible if one of them were black, or even if one of them merely decided their loyalties lay in a direction other than Rand (for example, Egwene and the Tower), and did something about it. They're barely mentioned again as far as I can tell from the encyclopedia, but I'm inclined to think that everything happens, for some reason...
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