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Default Guild Wars 2 Exclusive | PCGamer

This is a long post I pasted from GW2guru. Gives some details in the PcGamer Gw2 article.

Originally Posted by Jexx View Post
There's not really anything in the US issue that Lyssa hasn't already covered or that hasn't already been covered. But..

-Basic info about the game, how ArenaNet is moving out of the strict trinity, how characters can switch between weapons during combat. What the professions are, how weapons change your skill bar
- How Eric Flannum wants their combat to have chaos, but controlled chaos. "In MMOs, combat gets really fun when things go wrong...Our combat makes that the constant state of things, so your always in an exciting situation...we try to over-communicate visually what's happening around you, so you always know what's going on and it's not just mass chaos."
-Info on the Necromancer;
+ Weapons l Slot l Abilities
+Staff l 2 hands l Long Range Support
+Scepter l Main hand l Damage-over-time spells
+Axe l Main hand l Lots of raw damage at medium range
+Dagger l Main hand l Short range, life-stealing powers
+Dagger l Off hand l support allies
+Focus l Off hand l Heavy Damage ranged attacks
+Warhorn l Off hand l Short range AoE attacks
+ Basic info on fear (removable buff), minions, and marks
+ What minions to use and when;
When about to die - Blood fiends heal you or allies
Ton of monsters around you- Explode a Bone minion
Being followed by a monster- Bone Fiends stun enemies
Being lazy?- Get your Shadow fiend to teleport there
-Josh was an Ele teamed up with others of the revealed classes, going to fight the Shadow Behemoth. He thought the screenie was a render, but nope. It's real
-The shadow behemoths health is split between head and his two arms
- Mentions of Josh and either other guest invites or the ArenaNet team shouting across the room about tanking and healing. (I still prefer ArenaNet's official terms, Controlling and Supporting. Not only do they sound better, they sound more realistic)
- Info about the fun of cross-profession combos
-What to do when your healer/supporter dies(flowchart);
#1. Are you also a Healer?
Yes- continue to #2
No- go to #5
#2. Heal your allies to keep them alive. Is the Boss almost dead?
Yes- continue to #3
No- go to #4
#3. Keep Healing until the boss is dead- YOU WIN!
#4. Revive your downed Healer, go to #3
#5. Are you an Elementalist?
Yes- continue to #6
No- go to #7
#6. You can be a healer, shift to your Water attunement - go to #2
#7. That's okay, you can still revive friends - Are you about to die?
Yes- Go to #4
No- Continue to #8
#8. Keep swinging that mace, you fool! Go to #7
-talking about the basic combat of the downed system, environmental weapons, attunements
-Info on Destiny's Edge. Nothing we didn't already know
-A dungeon will be available ever 10 levels, with more additional ones at end-game. Nothing about being tied with your personal story.
-Dungeons are all about fighting
-The first time you play a dungeon, one or two members of destiny's edge will show up as NPCs and drive the story forward
-The dungeon's story mode are distinct and different from your Personal story, even though you play as yourself in each
-After beating the story mode, you have the explorable mode. Explorable mode tells varied follow up stories in the same area, which have nothing to do with Destiny's edge.
-Explorable mode is designed to be extremely repeatable, they will have different paths that cause different events. There will even be secret events in dungeons. (It's like dynamic events in an instanced area)
-Sorrow's Embrace; 60-70 level dungeon. Story Mode: Dredge enslaved by seraph. You fight off the Seraph enslavers. Explorable Mode: help dredge workers to revolt against their leaders
-You deal with what's left after you do the story mode in explorable mode
- Easier than ever to find players to group with (new party system?)
-Guaranteed to get a piece of armor for your profession via the token system
-Dungeons meant for players who want to "overcome(ing) difficult content with teamwork,"
-Dungeon armors look awesome, tie in with their dungeon, but aren't different stat-wise from other gear of the same level gained outside of dungeons. (earned through events, personal story, PvP)
-Josh says that going between personal story, dungeons, and events comes naturally.

-Ascalon Catacombs info
Level Range: 30-40
Plot: Warrior spirits have become restless. We have to "kill" them to remove their threat to the world
Heroes: Rytlock joins us in our party, and Eir makes a cameo appearance
Bosses: The skill trainers of pre-searing, and King Adelmen must be defeated.
Environmental Weapons: you can build traps and lure enemies into them, or pick up the rubble that Warmaster Grast makes with his hammer.

And that's it.
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