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Interviews: TPOD Signing Report - John Hamby





Nov 18th, 1998




King of Prussia, PA


The Path of Daggers Book Tour


Gene's Books


John Hamby



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    John Hamby

    Well I went to the signing. A nice crowd and rather quiet. Highlight of waiting was the mall cop rousting all the people sitting on the floor reading as they waited. Seems it lowered the tone of the august King of Prussia Mall. The 'cop' explained that "mall shoppers might get the wrong impression". He was a bit baffled when the guy next to me told him that since Gene's had a policy that RJ would only be signing books bought from their store, everyone in line was a "shopper".

    Apparently the picture in the back flap went unnoticed. RJ sat down at the table and few people even noticed him. I made the comment that he was there and people kept looking around to spot him. RJ seemed rather amused by this.

    Once again most people seemed reluctant to ask him any questions. Almost everyone in front of me had their book handed to him and said thank you after he signed it. When the first question was asked RJ actually seemed to be relieved. Unfortunately it was impossible to hear what he did say to anyone else.


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    John Hamby

    I was able to get a few questions in. Karl-Johan, I got a RAFO about the nature of Fain. However I think I worded the question differently than we had originally planned. Damn if I could find the paper I took notes on before I went to the signing.


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    Robert Jordan

    Gender/soul rebirth he said is best illustrated by Mat and Birgitte. But he then said that there was more to it than that. Not sure what he meant exactly. Probably the point.


  • 4

    John Hamby

    And the silly trivial 'I-just-want-to-know-without-a-doubt-question', which almost got me more than I had planned.

    I asked him whether Delana Mosalaine had been raised to the Hall as Sitter before the Tower split or after. Karl-Johan and Jed probably recall our analysis of the Halls a month ago.

    I probably pronounced the name wrong because he just looked at me. I prompted by saying, "Delana, the Gray Sitter who we know is Black. Siuan's old friend from novicedom."

    Robert Jordan

    RJ started to say something but was trying to find the right words when I foolishly helped him out by saying, "Delana was raised at Salidar". He said yes and laughed. I tried then to follow up with asking him if she was an important aspect of Siuan's pattern in the young Sitters. RAFO was the response.


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    John Hamby

    I may go down to my dad's tomorrow to catch him at Bailey's Crossing. So Karl-Johan, what was the third question we decided on?