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Interviews: Graeme + Brandon Sanderson + Three Questions = ?





Mar 18th, 2014




Graeme Flory


Graeme's Fantasy Book Review

  • 1

    Graeme Flory

    So I got to be part of Brandon Sanderson's latest blog tour, for Words of Radiance, how cool is that? The answer is pretty damn cool indeed :o)

    The deal was that I got to ask three questions and Brandon answered them; pretty simple then and thanks to Brandon for answering them. Here's how it went down...

  • 2

    Graeme Flory

    1. On a scale of flashlight to floodlight, how radiant are the words in Words of Radiance?

    Brandon Sanderson

    I would say at least 300 broams' worth, if not more. Full broams.


  • 3

    Graeme Flory

    2. Shard plate and shard blades can win wars, what would you have made out of shard to win the battles in your day?

    Brandon Sanderson

    These are very inventive questions. What would I want made out of this stuff? Someone once suggested a Shardpen. But no, a Shardpen isn't going to work any better than a non-Shardpen. I would say a Shardphone. If I could get a phone that never broke and everything always worked perfectly on it—or a Shardlaptop, that would be awesome.


  • 4

    Graeme Flory

    3. And finally... I know you're a fan of 'Magic: The Gathering'; would you like to see the 'Stormlight Archives' become a card game along the same lines? Do you think it will happen?

    Brandon Sanderson

    In my fondest dreams I can imagine an actual Magic set being done. It's never going to happen. Wizards doesn't do that. I respect them for not doing it. Magic is its own property. It probably wouldn't even make sense. But if I had that chance, then yes. An actual card game would be fun, and you may see us playing with these kinds of ideas. It would be pretty awesome. But my fondest dream would be an actual Magic set, because Magic is kind of my addiction. There are people who are gamers who play a lot of games and appreciate games. I am less one of those, and it's more that I love this one game that I enjoy a lot.


  • 5

    Graeme Flory

    Thanks again to Brandon for taking time out from his schedule which must be jammed solid. If you want to read some more then have a look at the other blogs etc (on the banner) that Brandon has stopped at, it's all good :o)