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Interviews: Robert Jordan Talks About the Holidays





Dec 1st, 2001





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    In the December issue of the Orbit Books Newsletter, the UK publishers asked various authors what the best, and worst part about the Holidays were. Robert Jordan gave this answer:

    Robert Jordan

    The best thing about Christmas is getting family and house guests together. We always have the largest tree we can find, over-decorated in a rather Edwardian fashion, and Christmas morning, with everyone around the tree opening presents and drinking eggnog or champagne—or both, for the foolhardy—is always wonderful. The second best thing is Christmas dinner, with extra tables set up because we can't seat everyone in the dining room even with both leaves put in the dining room table. The worst thing about Christmas is trying to find just the right present to match each of those family members and house guests, plus the folks who couldn't make it to Charleston for the holidays. It has to be something to suit the person exactly. One year, I became so maddened by this search that I wrapped everyone's present in paper that repeated "Bah, Humbug!" all over. The second worst thing is cleaning up after Christmas dinner. The champagne always means that any offered help is highly suspect as to stability.


    As always, Robert Jordan had a lot to say. :)