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Interviews: COT Signing Report - Imran Safdar





Jan 18th, 2003




Cambridge, MA


Crossroads of Twilight Book Tour


Harvard Coop Barnes & Noble


Imran Safdar



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    Imran Safdar

    Hi, I just thought I would add a few things to the Cambridge, MA signing. I asked a few questions which I got answers to, so I thought I would pass them along.

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    Imran Safdar

    The first question was if Jordan intended to kill Sammael at the end of A Crown of Swords or if he decided later on that the character was no longer needed and was in fact dead.

    Robert Jordan

    Jordan responded that Sammael was dead as of the end of A Crown of Swords. Jordan felt that the character was a "louse" and didn't deserve a dramatic death a la Rahvin or Be'lal. He deserved a very vague death and was killed by something that he didn't pay attention to.


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    Robert Jordan

    The second question asked was whether the Dark One could be balefired, to which he said, plainly, in one word, "NO".


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    Robert Jordan

    The third question was why he had made the Aes Sedai so subservient to almost every other group of characters in the book (i.e. the Aiel, the Sea Folk, etc.) and he replied that the Aes Sedai were being forced to be subservient according to the circumstances and couldn't really help it.


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    Imran Safdar

    So those are the three I asked...overall, the signing was great. If you have a chance to see Jordan in real life, you absolutely should because he is a really nice guy. Also, while he doesn't do personalizations, I did get his wife to personalize one for my sister. She is usually alone by herself and takes great pleasure in talking to people, or so she did with me at least. Great site guys...keep up the good work.