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Interviews: Robert Jordan on Halloween





Oct 24th, 2004




Jason Denzel




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    Jason Denzel

    Halloween is approaching, and so I thought it would be appropriate to share with you some pictures that Robert Jordan sent us of his Halloween costume from last year.

    He dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow, (the pirate played by Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean. RJ's lovely wife Harriet is in the other pictures shown here.

    Take a look at the full pictures by clicking on each of the thumbnails:

    Robert Jordan



    The full-size images are no longer available.
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    Jason Denzel

    Regarding the holiday last year, RJ said:

    Robert Jordan

    We don't usually get into costume for Halloween, but this year we were asked to the Buildings and Bones Ball, a charity affair in support of the School for the Building Arts. That is a very neat organization here in Charleston that teaches young people old-style building methods and things like stone carving, wood carving, making decorative ironwork and gates, and working with slate roofs, all crafts that are fading away in much of the country as the older men who followed them retire without any younger men taking the crafts up. With as many old buildings as Charleston has—the oldest in the city dates to 1680—we really can't afford to be without those crafts. Other countries know this. SCOBA has formed a relationship with a similar school in Paris which has over 6000 students. SCOBA has only a couple of hundred students at present, though it is growing.


    He was also quick to add:


    Just be sure to let people know I've lost a LOT of weight since then. :) I've even lost weight since you saw me in San Diego.


    Indeed. Looking good, RJ!

    More information about the School for the Building Arts can be found via the link below. Please take a moment and learn a little about their organization.

    Overall, Robert Jordan summed these pictures up best:


    Actually, I myself think Mr. Depp should be afraid. Very afraid.