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Interviews: Atlanta Signing Report - Jennifer Liang





Sep 7th, 2005


Atlanta, GA


Chapter 11


Jennifer Liang



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    Jennifer Liang

    Robert Jordan was signing books today at the Chapter 11 store at the intersection of Peachtree Road and Peachtree Battle. I arrived early with my husband and a box of leftover goodies from Dragon*Con that we wanted to get rid of. For those who don't know, Tor sent us 900 sample booklets of Knife of Dreams and The Eye of the World, and 2,000 Knife of Dreams bookmarks. We still had quite a few left after the convention and we don't want to store that many, so everyone who attended the signing got to take some of those with them.

    The bookstore policy was that Jordan would sign only two books and they had to be purchased from the store. However, Jordan immediately brushed that aside and signed anything you put in front of him and as much as you gave him. He even did a few personalizations upon request for people.

    Since the signing wasn't very well advertised (I found out about it from the Jordans on the last day of Dragon*Con), turnout was low. I was the "flapper" for Jordan. That's the person who opens all the books to the right page for signing so that the author can sign more quickly. If you were there, I was the girl in the green and brown suit and my husband Jimmy was the Asian man in gray talking about sword forms.


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    Jennifer Liang

    There were no startling plot revelations from Jordan this time. The only questions asked were personal or repeats of questions asked at Dragon*Con or previous interviews, so I don't need to repeat much of it.

    Robert Jordan

    There is only one book left in the series but it will be a doozy. He will fight to prevent it from being "George R.R. Martined," or split for publication. He plans to do a signing in Anchorage, Alaska for Knife of Dreams, but it will be during the salmon season so he can do some serious fishing while there.


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    Jennifer Liang

    The Dabel brothers (the producers of the Wheel of Time: New Spring comic book) were on-hand to get some issues of New Spring signed for the Tor internet hunt and to get Jordan's approval on some sketches for some computer wallpaper they are producing.


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    Jennifer Liang

    All in all, it was a nice, quiet evening with a favorite author for the hard core Atlanta fans. Those of you who are Dragon*Con regulars might be interested to note that Cadsuane was there to get her books signed as well.