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Interviews: KOD Signing Report - Bill Ford





Oct 18th, 2005




Hanover, MD


Knife of Dreams Book Tour




Bill Ford



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    Bill Ford

    My wife and I attended the RJ book signing at Books-A-Million in the Arundel Mills Mall in Hanover, MD last evening. It was supposed to start at 1900 hours (EST), but Mr. Jordan was late because two tunnels under the Baltimore Harbor were closed due to a terrorist threat. (Thankfully, nothing has materialized from that!) When he arrived, he made only a few remarks before starting signing, paraphrases follow.

    Robert Jordan

    He gave a few name pronunciations. He said that he would write two more “prequel novellas” AFTER finishing the next and final book of the series proper. He said that he had vowed that he would never again write in the WOT universe unless he could come up with something really original/unique. He said that he is CONSIDERING two side-line stories in the WOT universe, but will have to think about it for a year or two to see if they are worthwhile.


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    Robert Jordan

    Before he started signing, he said that we could take as many pictures as we liked under two conditions: 1) NO male nudity and 2) Don’t show too much of his bald spot. (That worked for me as I had no intention of the first and I have a bald spot, too.) My wife and I got our books signed and took pictures with Mr. Jordan. He talked to us for about three minutes as our teenage daughter was with us and hasn’t gotten into the series. He told her that she might like to try it because of the strong female characters. He said all the men in his family are very strong because if they weren’t the women would eat them up.


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    Bill Ford

    I found him to be warm, friendly, and down to earth. It was the first time I had met him. My wife met him at a signing for his last book, but I was out of town at the time. I may post some of the pictures if I didn’t break the camera. My wife hasn’t downloaded them from the memory card yet as we didn’t get home until late last night.

    It was DEFINITELY worth the wait!