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Feb 29th, 2008




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    Brandon Sanderson

    Sorry for the late post on these. Explanation below.
    Wabreaker HTML: Chapter Four
    New Podcast (It went up Monday, but I forgot to link it here.)
    New Annotation: The Well of Ascension Chapter Twenty-Six

    I was lazy on Wednesday and didn't post these, thinking I could get to them on Thursday. What I had forgotten was that I had a school visit on Thursday. And it was an hour and a half away.

    I'm still kind of split on this concept of school visits. On one hand, I like interacting with the students. I often wish that when I was younger, I'd had an author visit my school to explain that you COULD be a writer for a living and that it WAS a reasonable job that people have. On the other hand, doing a visit like this one wipes out an entire day's worth of work and can be really grueling. I did six presentations to six different groups of kids, then had a two hour signing later in the evening. Mixed with an hour-and-a-half travel time to the school, it was quite the day's worth of work.

    Even factoring in the money the school paid to have me in, even factoring in the money I made at the signing, it really isn't worth my time to do this if you look just at the cash. So, the question to me is, how useful is it for the students? Can I help those who want to be writers realize their potential?

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    Brandon Sanderson

    Anyway, I'm back and working on WOT Book Seven (almost done, actually.) I hope to be through Book Eight by the end of the weekend. For those who have been wondering, I DO intend to read New Spring as part of this. (I'm reading it after book 10, where it was originally released.) I've also ordered copies of the audio-books to listen to, though I understand that some of their pronunciations are off.