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Interviews: Brandon Sanderson's Blog: Progress Bar Moving Again





Apr 28th, 2008




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    Brandon Sanderson

    Last week, with the pile of final papers I had to grade (thirty pages from thirty students, so around a thousand pages of reading material plus computations of final grades and all of that) I only managed to get 3k written. (My weekly goal is 10k.) Fortunately, with the previous week's extra writing (I think I did closer to 15 or 16k that week) I'm still pretty much on target. I did 1k earlier today, so thatówith last week'sógets us one more blip forward on the progress bar.


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    Brandon Sanderson

    If you live in Utah County, then you might want to be reminded of my signing tomorrow! Sprinville Library at around 5:00. There will be books for sale, but as always, feel free to come and have me sign a book you've already bought. (Or, if you read a library copy, you can always just drop by and ply me with questions about writing or the like.)

    And, speaking about writing questions, here's a link to this week's Writing Excuses: submitting to editors. This is an extra special episode, as we have a guest star. Stacy Whitman, friend and editor extraordinaire who works with Wizards of the Coast in their fiction department, was kind enough to drop by and fill in for Howard, who was at a con when we recorded this episode. If you've ever wanted to listen to an editor talk about publishing, then this is your chance. She is actively buying material right now, and she knows a whole tun about the publishing industry in general, with specialties in children's and YA fiction specifically.