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Interviews: Brandon Sanderson's Blog: AMoL Update + Alcatraz Sample Chapter





Sep 3rd, 2008




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    Brandon Sanderson

    First off, if you missed my big update of stuff, you might find some items of interest there.

    I'm still recovering from Dragon*Con. it was exhausting, but I was very glad that I went! I got to see a lot of great people, meet some old friends, and run into several groups I'd never met in person (that's you, GeorgaDawn and the LibraryThing folks.) I'll probably go again next year, if only because I feel I really NEED to bring my wife to this thing. She's been to Worldcon, but she really has no clue how truly bizarre some of this all can get. . . . ;)

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    Brandon Sanderson

    I realized that during my previous update, I didn't do anything Alcatraz-related, so I figured I'd better update that side of things as well. I've gone ahead and transferred chapter one from its old place to the shiny new location in the Library. I'll be posting some sample chapters of Alcatraz Two in the upcoming months. For those of you who are fans of my epic fantasy, I really do suggest you look into Alcatraz when it comes out in paperback next month. I think you'll be pleased with what you find—think of one of my stories, only more lighthearted with a humorous slant on the magic system.


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    Brandon Sanderson

    I've updated the percentage bar for A Memory of Light to reflect the work I did during the day before my departure to Dragon*Con, my days back, and the time I spent in Atlanta when I managed to do some work on the book. I figured I should also update our comparison chart, so here you go:

    A Memory of Light Relative Length Chart: 9/03/08

    Alcatraz/Evil Librarians 60,400
    New Spring 121,815
    Elantris 202,765
    The Final Empire 214,752
    —-A MEMORY OF LIGHT 224k So Far!—-
    The Path of Daggers 226,687
    Warbreaker 236,301
    Winter's Heart 238,789
    Hero of Ages 244,201
    The Dragon Reborn 251,392
    The Well of Ascension 252,739
    The Great Hunt 267,078
    Crossroads of Twilight 271,632
    A Crown of Swords 295,028
    The Eye of the World 305,902
    Knife of Dreams 315,163
    The Fires of Heaven 354,109
    Lord of Chaos 389,264
    The Shadow Rising 393,823