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Nov 5th, 2008




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    Brandon Sanderson

    Sorry for the long time between updates! Touring always leaves me beat. So this post is probably going to be kind of long as I cover all of the things that need to be posted here.

    First off, Alcatraz Versus the Scrivener's Bones is now officially out! It's a tad hard to find, as most bookstores only got one or two copies, but it's out there. If you are a fan of fast paced, humorous adventure fiction, please consider picking up a copy! Really, I think you'll find yourself surprised by how much you enjoy the Alcatraz books. A lot of my epic fantasy readers are hesitant, but there's a lot more going on in these than the covers and/or genre may imply.

    Anyway, if you are thinking of getting a copy, might I suggest contacting the bookstore Mysterious Galaxy? I know they have plenty of copies, and I believe they have some signed first editions they are selling for cover price. They're a great store and will be happy to ship you copies of both Alcatraz books. (I suggest calling before ordering to make sure you get a signed copy.)

    Next, Elantris is finally out on Audiobook! You can find it at Audible, Amazon, or the publisher's website. We've been waiting for a long time to get one of my epic fantasy books out on audio, and I know a lot of you have asked about it, so here you go! (And the cover is pretty cool, I must say.)

    Third, I'll be signing in the Seattle area the next three days. If you live over in that direction, consider stopping by to see me! We'll have books to sign and I should be doing a reading at several of the signings. (I know I'll be doing one at the University Bookstore.) Most of my readings have been from Mistborn: The Hero of Ages, though sometimes I dip into other projects. (I can't read from A Memory of Light, though—unless it's the first few lines of chapter one, which are always the same . . . )


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    And, speaking of A Memory of Light, I've updated the book by another percentage point, and it looks like it's time to look at our comparison chart of lengths again.

    A Memory of Light Relative Length Chart: 11/05/08

    Alcatraz/Evil Librarians 60,400
    New Spring 121,815
    Elantris 202,765
    The Final Empire 214,752
    The Path of Daggers 226,687
    Warbreaker 236,301
    Winter's Heart 238,789
    Hero of Ages 244,201
    The Dragon Reborn 251,392
    The Well of Ascension 252,739
    The Great Hunt 267,078
    Crossroads of Twilight 271,632
    A Memory of Light 272k So Far!—
    A Crown of Swords 295,028
    The Eye of the World 305,902
    Knife of Dreams 315,163
    The Fires of Heaven 354,109
    Lord of Chaos 389,264
    The Shadow Rising 393,823