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2012-04-30: I had the great pleasure of speaking with Harriet McDougal Rigney about her life. She's an amazing talent and person and it will take you less than an hour to agree.

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2012-04-24: Some thoughts I had during JordanCon4 and the upcoming conclusion of "The Wheel of Time."

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Interviews: Brandon Sanderson's Blog: TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT Preorders, Tower Guard, Trailer





Oct 18th, 2010




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    Brandon Sanderson

    First some housekeeping. The most recent Writing Excuses podcast is on avoiding melodrama. And the most recent Warbreaker annotations cover Clod and the God King's secret (a big spoiler if you haven't read the book!).


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    Brandon Sanderson

    Towers of Midnight will be released in fourteen days and seven hours. If you want to order a signed and numbered copy from Sam Weller's, you have just one week left. I'll be driving up there next Monday morning and personalizing all the books that they've received preorders for. As of a week ago more than half of their copies were already reserved, so if you've been thinking about ordering a copy, now's the time. [EDIT: Sam Weller's is now SOLD OUT. Wow, that was fast.] Of course, if I'm going to be appearing close to where you live, then you should support your local bookseller and get the book signed when I get there.

    The prologue ebook is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Sony, Kobo, Audible, etc. But with the book just two weeks away, if you haven't already read the prologue by this point you can hold off two more weeks, right? There are also free previews: Chapter One on and Chapter Eight here. I believe that will also be releasing Chapter Two, possibly this week.

    Dragonmount has announced the names of the lucky people selected to be Tower Guards for my upcoming tour. Congrats to the selectees! If you didn't get picked, don't lose heart. I'll still get a lot of chances to talk to people on the tour, and Tor will most likely make the next tour, for A Memory of Light, my largest ever.

    Have you seen the book trailer that Tor had Jason put together for Towers of Midnight? I realize it's been out for a while (it debuted at Dragon*Con), but it's a real treat. There's also a "making of" feature here.