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Interviews: Elf Fantasy Fair - Sydo Zandstra





Apr 8th, 2001




Arcen, NL


Elf Fantasy Fair


Sydo Zandstra



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    T Sean Connolly

    BTW, did Sydo Zandstra (spelling?) show up at any of the signings? We met him at the LVDFS a couple of years ago.


    How nice to be remembered... *grin*, hi Pat! Yes, I managed to be present at one of the sessions at the Fantasy Fair (on Saturday), although I must say I actually went there to see and hear Terry Pratchett. RJ's presence being a welcome bonus to me, I let him sign four of my hardcovers and asked him a couple of questions. Most of those have already been covered by the original poster, but one of them might be of some interest to some people here, so I might as well throw it in right now. (I wanted to post this earlier, but somehow it has slipped my mind)

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    Sydo Zandstra

    In one or two threads I have been wondering for a while why Erian Boroleos (Green) wasn't assigned to one of the circles that were defending Rand while he and Nynaeve were cleansing saidin. (See Pam's Winter's Heart notes for the details; IIRC it has been placed under the header 'possible screw-ups') So I asked RJ when I had the chance:

    Me: "Could you tell me if Erian was present in the battle near Shadar Logoth, when Rand was cleansing saidin?"

    Robert Jordan

    [looking up] Who?


    Erian, one of the captured Green sisters who swore fealty to Rand. Did she take part in the battle, or was she somewhere else?


    Oh. Yes, she was there. RAFO.


    This could either mean that Erian did something special that we don't know about, or that RJ forgot about her while writing the last chapters. On the other hand, possibly RJ thought I meant Elsa (who was definitely there). Perhaps Erian wasn't there but went to Tear with Alanna instead. I guess we'll find out in a year or so...