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Interviews: Robert Jordan in Budapest





Apr 23rd, 2003




Budapest, HU


Ryan Wolf



  • 1

    Jason Denzel

    Robert Jordan began his European tour today and is currently in Budapest. Here's the report we received from Ryan Wolf, the "M'Hael" of the Robert Jordan fanclub in that area:
  • 2

    Ryan Wolf

    Jordan is here, I've met him today.

    There was a TV Show, he was the Star guest, and I was the Fan. We will [send it over to you].

    Tomorrow we well go to a restaurant with Mr. Jordan, and the day after there will be the book signing.

    I'm planning to make a Diary both in English and Hungarian. Maybe you could publish it in your site?

    Harriet told us that she will send her Poems. We can share it as well.


  • 3

    Jason Denzel

    Sounds like they're having a lot of fun over there! We'll post any movies, poems, pictures, or reports that they send in.