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Interviews: Robert Jordan gives insight into NEW SPRING





May 28th, 2003





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    Jason Denzel

    Now that he is back from his European vacation, Robert Jordan dropped us a note today to let us know how New Spring was coming along:
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    Robert Jordan

    The trip to Europe went very well. I was at the Hungarian Book Fair in Budapest and the Turin Book Fair in Italy, both good experiences, and Harriet and I got a chance to do some sight seeing, too. No fish in Ireland, though; the weather was rainy, windy, and twenty degrees colder than expected this time of year, so nothing was biting.

    New Spring is coming along nicely. There's nothing new to report there, but I do want to emphasize that this is not an expansion in the way that Scott Card's Ender's Game was. The story will begin some months earlier, there are more plot lines (putting in things I had to drop to make the novella length) and more detail. In short, it will be the story the way I wanted to tell it in the beginning, before I realized that that would mean seventy-thousand words, give or take.


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    Jason Denzel

    Update: RJ had more to say on this matter. Read about it here.