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2012-04-24: Some thoughts I had during JordanCon4 and the upcoming conclusion of "The Wheel of Time."

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Apr, 1997






I. Blandford



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    I. Blandford

    Right then, this is my first mailing so God have mercy on my soul if I write something offensive, stupid, boring or grammatically incorrect...

    Anyway, a British SF magazine (SFX) had an interview with RJ a few months back, circa February or March I think. In the interview he said a few things which I haven't read in the FAQ or the newsgroup:

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    Robert Jordan

    Firstly, in the event of his death his will states that his notes on TWoT are to be destroyed and no-one is to complete the series for him.


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    Robert Jordan

    Secondly, The Final Battle (Tarmon Gai-don or however it's spelled) has already started but only now (book 7) are the characters beginning to realise this.


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    Robert Jordan

    Thirdly, in defeating the Dark One, the good guys can expect absolutely no help off the Creator, and no miracles will occur.


    This summary by I. Blandford appears to be of this interview, but this bit about the Creator appears to be an embellishment on the part of Mr. Blandford. Worth noting, however, is that Blandford said the interview was from "a few months back", but he posted about it in the same month that the documented issue was published, so the documented interview might be an abbreviation of an earlier, longer interview. Any help finding this issue would be appreciated.


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    I. Blandford

    So when did the Final Battle begin then? Book one, chapter one; or later; or earlier?