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Interviews: KOD Signing Report - Jennifer





Oct 17th, 2005




West Chester, PA


Knife of Dreams Book Tour


Chester Country Books & Music





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    I was at the book signing today at Chester County Books & Music Co. in West Chester, PA, and I must say it was vey enjoyable! The book store had a very nice set-up and copies of all the hard backs easily found if you needed any, with lots of copies of KOD.

    Robert Jordan

    RJ arrived a few minutes after the appointed time, but I suspect he was just waiting till everyone was settled in before coming out. He spoke for about 10 minutes, going over pronunciations of many of the character names. He then took questions from the audience. The crowd was not overly large, but I think that was a bonus to those of us that attended as he had more time to speak and spend with each of us individually as we had our books signed.

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    He even posed for pictures willingly and didn't even seem to mind when my camera went whacky (the assistant didn't know how to use it) and we had to retake my picture! There was the usual 2 book limit, but we were encouraged to stick around and re-enter the line after everyone had gotten the first 2 signed. I personally had 5 books to be signed tonight, I had some friends with me (Thank you Susan & hubby!) so I only had to go through the line 2 times instead of 3. But I saw others there with all 11 books and not a single complaint from RJ. I unfortunately did not realize that today was his birthday, but another fan did and the crowd all sang "Happy Birthday" to RJ. I do want to send my best wishes to him for a very Happy BD and many many more!

    I personally hope that he will return to this book store when he has another tour as it was a great night.