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Interviews: TPOD Signing Report - Aaron Bergman





Oct 20th, 1998




New York, NY


The Path of Daggers Book Tour


Aaron Bergman



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    Aaron Bergman

    Brief NY and Social Signing Report

    Well, the book signing was mobbed. There were well over 150 seats and people were standing. It was strictly controlled with people going to have books signed one row at a time. This, of course, left little time for conversation.

    I was seated next to three random people who happened to have lurked on the group. I also had a copy of the FAQ with me that two people recognized. So, perhaps the great lurker hordes do exist.


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    Aaron Bergman

    Anyways, after scaring the people around me for a little bit, I went up to the books and decided to ask Jordan about Asmodean. In particular, I asked whether "death" was just a pun on "Moridin".

    Robert Jordan

    He said "oh, god no" quite disgustedly. This made me feel much better and should hopefully put the issue to rest. He also said that by the end of this book, it should be obvious who killed Asmodean and that it is definitely possible to figure it out the instant he dies.


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    Aaron Bergman

    That was all I was able to ask. A group of us then walked over and chatted with Tom Doherty and someone named Linda (?) at Tor. PNH wasn't there as far as I could tell.

    We then went down to the cafe and finally found Bradj bringing the group to me, Nathan L, Burr, Becky Slitt, Dennis Higbee, bradj and two people whose name I forget. Nathan had to leave to get back to Boston and the rest of us ate dinner at a brewpub across the street. Someone else can summarize this, I suppose.

    We later left.

    That's it. I did say brief.