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Interviews: TPOD Signing Report - Scott Cantor





Nov 15th, 1998




Dayton, OH


The Path of Daggers Book Tour


Books & Co.


Scott Cantor



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    Robert Jordan

    He also mentioned the fact that Fain is essentially his wild card, a character that is outside the structure of the work and can therefore act totally unpredictably.


    This was meant to add information to a question reported by Michael Martin.


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    Scott Cantor

    When I reached the signing table, I asked him if he had a better idea now how many novels there would be than he might have had previously, knowing it was a lame question, but he answered it politely.

    Robert Jordan

    He said he knew there would be at least three more, and that he generally finds himself with twice as much planned for a novel as he can pull off in 700 pages, which happened with the new one. This suggested to me that 5-6 more books would not be surprising.


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    Scott Cantor

    I didn't stay too long, but I had a good time, and just wish he had stopped in Columbus as well.

    Scott Cantor