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hey Will Be Soundly Beaten

by Rebecca Walsh: 1998-07-03 | Not yet rated

Before Winter's Heart - Archive Only: Where will the next Seanchan attack occur?

I believe that the Seachan will be beaten exactly where they are now, in the seventh book. I believe this for a few reasons.
1. Mat is there at this exact moment with his followers camped just outside the city, waiting at his beck and call.
2. If you can remember there are approximately 100 old ladies who can channel the One Power, have somehow discovered eternal life, and most importantly, have never taken an oath not to harm others with the One Power.
3. Nynaeve and Elayne have gained the respect of the Wind Finders of the boat people. All theses people will easily turn back, perhaps even defeat the Seanchaen. Also I believe Mat must be there to meet the Daughter of the Nine Moons, (isn't it too much of a coincidence that he picked one of there rings at random to buy?) and he will somehow get them to swear allegiance to the Dragon Reborn (Rand). Perhaps they will think Mat is a Lord or something due to the ring and this is how it will be accomplished!
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Tamyrlin: 1998-07-03

I would like to see a battle down in Ebou Dar and watch them kick some butt, but I wonder how far the attack force that just took Amador will go. I really believe that the Seanchan want to take over the White Tower and leash the Aes Sedai and I actually believe they will, call me crazy.


Mosleth: 1998-07-10

Let's see...Untrained old ladies, Mat(alone or maybe with a handful of soldiers, NOT The Band), a few aes-sedai and a few Seapeople against the obviously well trained and efficient Seachan army, with their suldams.......I think not. But there is some thing else, The Daughter Of the Nine Moons that Mat is supposed to meet is none other than the empress of the Seanchan. Get the point "Emperor Mat".The Seanchan will be valuble against the DO though.


Tamyrlin: 1998-07-10

Very good points although I think RJ is going to throw a wrench in our predictions about the Daughter of the Nine Moons. And I don't think that Lanfear(she is alive)will let Mat so easily take over her turf. No Mat will never lead the Seanchan, they will not stop until every Aes Sedai is leashed and this land is subdued.


Jackola: 1998-07-24

I just wanted to dispute Rebecca's (I think that's what the name was) "The Seanchan Will be Beaten Soundly" theory with a question: if the S-men have taken over Seafolk islands (and we know they have), then how can you say the Seafolk Windfinders will aid in the S-men's destruction? Wouldn't they have been collared by now? If not, then something funky isgoing on.


Mosleth: 1998-08-21

Dear dear Jackola. You ever heard aboute boates...... The windfinders are all omboard the saefolk boates. Actualy Seafolk dosnt live on the islands, the people that live on them are called Amayar. Perhaps some windfinders have been leached but far from all of them.