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he Aes Sedai of Salidar

by David Petty: 1998-07-21 | Not yet rated

Before Winter's Heart - Archive Only: Where will the next Seanchan attack occur?

When Min is walking through either Salidar, or the White Tower, sees seanchan collars breaking (as if they were put on AesSedai, and then taken off, as if they were freed). I think thatsometime soon, the Seanchan will intercept the Salidar band, and takesome of the Aes Sedai prisoner before retreating. Egwene, once a damane herself, will fall into a berserker rage, and hunt them back. (Kindof like when she attacked the Seanchan soldiers after shehad been freed, in the end of the Great Hunt). Also, the Seanchan might attack a nation controlled by Rand,like Illian, Tear, or Mayene. Then Rand might get involved.
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Tamyrlin: 1998-07-21

Unless they run into them somehow, I don't see them just attacking...maybe.