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06-11-2010, 02:24 AM
As I'm putting work into reformatting the old site into the new layout, I'm dropping a few links and adding new ones. I noticed our old studies section was very tired and practically useless, because as I've pointed out a few times recently, most of our knowledge is locked away in our heads and this forum.

So, that being said, as you will see by clicking on the research link, there is only one study we did and even that needs updating.

As to the help I need, I think Learner/Sparker discussions make a great study topic, especially as we now have answers that make it more clear as to exact distinctions. We had long discussions on the topic which would require someone interested enough to go back and cobble together the entirety of those discussions in a similar way as the Tel'aran'rhiod study: break down the various topics, establish all of the points and counter points, along with providing a well rounded discussion of the answers we have from interviews, etc.

Can you think of anything else that merits a write-up for the Research section? Asmodean might be interesting, although I'm not sure the person exists that wants to tackle that in any more meaningful way than what is found in the WotFAQ.

06-11-2010, 10:50 PM
i'll go thru my hard drive to find my sparker vs learner notes

and i know it's a dead subject, but i remember tsorovan'm'hael put together a large amount of research proving Sammael died. But that was at least 2 boards ago.