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06-27-2008, 08:56 AM
Spelling Bee, Smelling Bee.

Uno said it. He is the Prophet, though he probably now denies it in public. He predicted it. He is after all, Fenrik Noster_Uno. GO THE EYE.

Narg wins the Bee.

It came down to an O. What is that symbol you ask? I knew you’d ask it because when you saw the symbol you asked yourself that question. Did you have the answer straight away, or did you ask yourself the question, is the symbol going to be one of those Spidy, question crappola things etc etc.

Well, the catalytst actually stems (not aa stem cell) from the Dragon Theif Ink thingy. Narg couldn’t understand what aa symbol was and he kept on asking all the onlookers and no-one would give him an answer. We went through participant after participant, all “Faile’ing” to spell properly until Ferid piped up with its not aa “Miasma of DreadLords” its aa “Miamsa O DreadLords”

Narg yelled out, “of course it is an ‘O”, and that was that. The zero didn’t even get a chance. He wins, yelled Moridin, who immediately TP’d out of there. Mesaana sicked up, Scampy crooned away and Narg got a new cookpot and all, presented by Shaidar Haran itself (is a Hand masculine or feminine?) and back to normal “dark” activity ensued at your local Thankandar (notice no “ ‘ “)

Now, I’ve got a headache after trying to work out what this new girl is up to, Elsie, Smelsie. Weeks off the Tabac and aa grilling by the Founder over expenses leaves a very weary Arachnid. Thanks for the Theif for looking after the front desk. Just back on the sauce and B’Nana L’nge at hand you beauty. Don’t know why I ever settled on the inferior model. For the ill-educated, anything with aa “ ‘ “ has to be better than the norm. Also, now we are close to TG, B’Nana L’nge are on sale, banana lounges can no longer be found.

I hear aa Theif calling me, calling me, calling me. Let me find my crayon, at least my Art rubs off in the morning.

06-27-2008, 09:25 AM
This sheep infestation at HQ might indeed prove to be aa problem.

07-02-2008, 12:00 PM
Highlights in the next edition of the Shayol Ghul Gazette:

* Chief Reporter Spidy's expense account reluctantly approved by editorial office.

* Editor-in-Chief thrown in the slammer for public drunkenness.

* Sheep disappear from Gazette's office the same day as junior associate Dragon Thief absconds under mysterious circumstances.

* Mystery of why olde pharts are farty finally solved.