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Elyas knew he would die one day, and it looked like today would be the day. The hundred thousand soldiers under Perrin Aybarra’s command had barely made it to the Gap in time to see the scant thousand or so remaining soldiers there. He didn’t know how long they had been fighting or how many there had been when the battle started; but gazing out across the land he felt as if even the hundred thousand men with Aybarra would be akin to the tiniest stream against the great ocean of trollocs in the valley below.

Elyas hamstringed the trolloc before him, then turned with a backhanded slice to leave it in two pieces behind him. He narrowly dodged a huge axe and stepped inside the arc of the swing to slide his knife into the armpit of the newly offending trolloc. He turned to the side, earning a deep gouge in his upper thigh by a catchpole that would otherwise have left his entrails upon the dirt. He rolled as he turned and pivoted into the creature’s chest, surprising it as he rammed his knife deep in its flank. The Boar faced trolloc let out a hissing scream of pain and leaned down into Elyas, biting him on the shoulder with its strong maw.

Elyas nearly blacked out from the pain but managed to pull his knife out and stab again and again until the maw that had him finally released in a spasm of death. Elyas slumped to his knees, inadvertently saving his life for the moment as he saw black steel whistle through the air where his head had been.

Elyas turned to face his killer. He was severely wounded and would have no chance against the fade. The halfman grinned. Elyas grinned as well. The neverborn’s smile faltered in confusion for a split second, but it was too late. The serpentine creature was halfway turned when its head was speared clean through by Gaul.

Gaul helped Elyas to his feet and said, “So eager to awake from the dream?” There was a grim smile on his face. Aiel humor…always timed horribly and with punch lines that can leave bruises…

He and Gaul fought side by side, bolstering the line with their combined effort. For every trolloc or Neverborn that was downed, it seemed as if ten took its place. But the lines were holding, if not forever, they were holding for now.

Elyas heard an explosion. Another. A third. Channelers had joined the fray. Help had arrived! Suddenly a massive fireball incinerated the two men to his left. Elyas looked up to see Death.

Elyas did not know what else to call it. Swirling colors of red and black obscured the voluptuous body of the creature before him, the beautiful face looking so calm. Yet everywhere the face turned, death followed. Elyas knew someone had to stop her assault, but before he could hope to act he heard thunder behind him.

He turned quickly, and unfortunately. He was sprayed in the face with the gory remains of the Trolloc that had been behind him. The place where it’s head should have been was filled with a block of steel the size of an entire anvil…Aybarra’s hammer.

Aybarra was the very image of fury. If the creature before him was not death itself, then death’s incarnation would be Aybarra. He swung his incredible hammer into trolloc shields and the shield, arm, and shoulder of the creature was crushed. Heads of trollocs burst into explosions like grotesque illuminator tricks. A fade was caught in its serpentine chest, too slow to its own surprise, and the crushed husk flew away as if it had been thrown by the huge man. And Aybarra was huge.

Aybarra seemed to grow before him. Trollocs who should have dwarfed the man by several feet seemed to cower in his presence as he slew them. Aybarra was snarling, and moving faster, ever faster. Elyas couldn’t help but be mesmerized. The Valkyrie that was burning men to ash moments before finally noticed Aybarra as well, and smiled.

She lifted a hand and a fireball flew at Aybarra’s flank, he had not noticed her in time. Just before the impact, Elyas saw a body fly in front of Aybarra. The sudden explosion threw Aybarra and the other person to the ground. It was Gaul.

Aybarra shook his head as if in a daze, and looked around him. He saw Gaul’s broken body and quickly scrambled over to his side. Elyas’ hearing picked up, “Life is only a dream Perrin Ayba…” Gaul could not finish the sentence. Elyas saw the charnel remains of Gaul’s lower half; it was a wonder the man hadn’t died instantly.

A change came over Aybarra. The unbridled rage he had seen before, the fury of battle still seemed to be there…but it was as if it had been chained by an iron will. The golden eyes, their kindred nature cried out to him and he knew…Young Bull had entered the fray.

Aybarra turned towards the vision of death and evil, and he began walking slowly. Where he stepped it seemed as though the tempest of his own mind was enough to keep the battle from engulfing him. It seemed almost as if his will alone was forcing the trollocs and fades to turn away from him while he walked toward the channeler.

The Forsaken, for that is what Elyas knew it must be, had stopped smiling. Her smile was replaced by a snarl that marred her beautiful face and she spoke, somehow clear over the din of the battle, “Yes wolf, come to your slaughter. I will find that little wife of yours too before this is through, and she will adore me as she never did you. I will make her into one of my pets, but everyone knows a wolf cannot be tamed…only put down.”

She made a throwing motion and a fireball the size of a horse’s head blazed a trail across Elyas’ vision heading straight at Aybarra. At only a dozen paces she could not possibly miss. Yet, her fireball went astray at the last instant, blazing into the back of several trollocs. The creature seemed confused for a moment and her snarl deepened into a grimace before she threw yet another. Another followed, and another.

Aybarra had stalked forward through this entire time, inexorable as the Wheel itself. His eyes held fast on only one thing. The creature shrieked as he came within six paces, “I am Graendal, I will be Nae’blis under The Great Lord, and I will rule this world!”

Graendal held her hands close together and a bar of liquid light shot out between them. The light streaked toward Aybarra and hit him full in the chest. Aybarra’s form lit up brighter than the noonday sun, the very essence of the light itself was not as bright as his body. He began to flicker, seeming as if he were going to break apart, so many motes of dust.

Though he was flickering in this strange light, seemingly real then incorporeal, then real again, Aybarra continued to walk.

Graendal looked horrified. “Impossible! NOONE CAN SURVIVE BALEFIRE!” she screeched. Aybarra’s form came back into the world solidly, as if his will would allow it no other option. His hand shot forth and his calloused blacksmith fingers wrapped around Graendal’s neck, lifting her off the ground to meet his golden eyes.

“Life is but a dream Graendal…the wolves rule the dream…and I am the Wolf King.” Perrin said in a small voice that seemed to reverberate inside Elyas’ skull. Elyas saw the terror on Graendal’s face as she began to grow scarlet. She tried to speak, to mouth something, but before she could a barely audible snap sounded and her body went limp in Aybarra’s hand. He tossed her aside, a piece of fancy rubbish he had no use for, a foe that was not worth his time.

Elyas struggled to his feet and came to Aybarra’s side, “What is balefire? She seemed pretty confident in it…” Aybarra leveled his gaze on Elyas, “It is nothing if one remembers where one’s home is…in the end it is just a weave.”

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Nice story, but how in the world does Perrin magically deflect weaves or balefire? "Life is but a dream" is just a saying, to stretch that to mean that real life is like TAR is kinda silly...

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Nice story, but how in the world does Perrin magically deflect weaves or balefire? "Life is but a dream" is just a saying, to stretch that to mean that real life is like TAR is kinda silly...

it definitely is a stretch, but I am playing off of the amayar and aiel belief systems. I am also playing off of the fact that what happens in TAR happens in this world, as such this world must have some partial control based off of the will of the individual.

I didn't have Perrin deflect the balefire btw, I had him take it like a man. Balefire removes one from the pattern, and it made me think of how one gets removed from TAR by someone trying to force you out. If Perrin could ignore Egwene so handily, I figured it wasn't too much of a stretch to have a stronger will than the person slapping you with balefire, forcing yourself to be permanent despite it.

In the end, it is highly implausible. BUT, thats why it is a fun fan fiction rather than cannon :)

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ToM Spoiler coming up!

Interesting idea, and it made a good story.

I had a similar thought about controlling reality in the style of TAR as I was reading ToM, but more along the lines of Rand having that control. My line of thinking was that Rand had his Buddha-style awakening in the previous book which might suggest as mind-over-matter illusionary-reality type of thing (which is prevalent in Buddhism), then in ToM Rand goes to the White Tower to announce his plans to break the Seals and he seems completely convinced he will be able to walk out. He has no fear of capture. He couldn't be sure that the One or True Powers would help him out of that situation, with that many channellers around, so it must have been down to his Ta'veren-ness - but he can't generally believe that being Ta'veren will ensure he gets to the Last Battle whatever happens, otherwise the Forsaken are ultimately useless because they've never been able to do anything to him (and you'd think Ishamael would have been aware of such predestination) and there was never really any danger in the series. Instead, his new state of mind must give him some sense of when his Ta'veren nature will kick in or maybe even give him the ability to focus its power in certain situations. That would therefore allow him to consciously shape the Pattern around himself for short periods or something similar. And if Rand can do that because he is Ta'veren, then with the right awareness/awakening maybe other Ta'veren could as well. In Perrin's case, he might find he could do it and his own understanding of it would be in relation to what he does in the Wolf Dream. So I don't find it as ridiculous as Cortar. It is definitely at the "unlikely" end of the spectrum but not impossible. I'm not even sure I believe my own theory about Rand's confidence at the White Tower - I could do with rereading the whole book to be honest.

Anyway, this thread is about your writing, not theories, and I think you've done a good job!

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I like it, being a stretch does not automatically mean it isn't a good read, well done :)