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Official stuff isn't up yet, but there is some info. When the official stuff is ready I will modify this thread.

Guild Wars 2 Charr Week: ArenaNet Interview: http://www.nowgamer.com/features/1314/guild-wars-2-charr-week-arenanet-interview

Charr Week: ArenaNet Interview | OnlineWelten: http://www.onlinewelten.com/games/guild-wars-2/interviews/jeff-grubb-im-interview-zu-charr-7759/seite-3/

Creating the Charr Starter Area: http://www.arena.net/blog/creating-the-charr-starter-area#more-4926

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Scott McGough on Writing the Charr: http://www.arena.net/blog/scott-mcgough-on-writing-the-charr

04-20-2011, 05:25 PM
The Artistic Origin of the Charr: http://www.arena.net/blog/the-artistic-origin-of-the-charr

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New Video and Lore on Charr Web Page: http://www.guildwars2.com/en/the-game/races/charr/

The roar of engines and the thunder of guns: Massively's analysis of the new Guild Wars 2 video: http://massively.joystiq.com/2011/04/21/the-roar-of-engines-and-the-thunder-of-guns-massivelys-analysi/

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The Legions of the Charr: http://www.arena.net/blog/the-legions-of-the-charr#more-4939

Massively: End of Charr Week: http://massively.joystiq.com/2011/04/22/arenanet-designer-ree-soesbee-wraps-up-guild-wars-2-charr-week/

[GW2] Charr Rule: http://www.killtenrats.com/2011/04/22/gw2-charr-rule/

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Introducing Guild Wars 2's Charr | GamePlanet: http://www.gameplanet.co.nz/pc/games/159700/features/136930.20110427.Introducing-Guild-Wars-2s-Charr/

[GERMAN]Interview Jeff Grubb/Jon Peters about the Charr: http://www.gamestar.de/spiele/guild-wars-2/artikel/guild_wars_2_interview_mit_jeff_grubb_und_jon_pete rs,44574,2322516.html

"If you want to play a charr you don't have to do historical research!"

Jeff Grubb & Jon Peters from ArenaNet telling GameStar how the people of the beast-like charr plays.

In the first games of Guild Wars they were our enimies. In Guild Wars 2 the charr are added to the playable races. In an interview the game designers Jeff Grubb and Jon Peters explain how ArenaNet manages the change of mind and which racial skills the charr have.

GameStar: Hi Jeff, hi Jon. How do you justify the charr being a playable races where we only know them as enemies?

Jeff Grubb: We explain very early in the game that one charr-grouping ruled them for a long time. The Flame Legion. The Flame Legion has led the other charr on a wrong path and pushed them into vowing false gods. And that's not a typical charr philosophy. On the contrary it appliesfor charr: if you count on somebody who has more power than you it weakens yourself. And this way of thinking was the reason for the other groupings to dispossess the Flame Legion. Ash-, Blood- and Iron Legion now rule over Ascalon and fight the remaining followers of the Flame Legion and the ghosts who haunt Ascalon since the great battle. And they fight against dragons. No wonder they strive to peace with the humans to solve one problem.

GameStar: As a charr you start in the good old Ascalon. Does Ascalon look like we know it from Guild Wars Prophecies, destroyed by the invasion?

Jeff Grubb: As a charr you start near the Black Citadel which was erected on the ruins of Rin. You see the Great Nothern Wall. You will discover a lot of familiar things. Remains of human buildings are still there. The land itself has healed and looks kind of like the charr regions we know from Eye Of The North: Young trees, much green, the charr raise cattle, but you can still see the remains of the humans and the marks of the battle of Ascalon.

GameStar: So playing a charr is a nostalgic trip for everyone who knows Prophecies?

Jeff Grubb: Absolutely. We have a rich story fund on which we can build. But to calm you down: you don't have to know the history of Ascalon when you play a charr. The charr's problems can be recognized in an instant without doing historical research before.
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GameStar: Would you recommend a class for the players who would like to embody a charr? After all the races do have different skills.

Jon Peters: Basically I would recommend all classes. We designed the game so that every race can fill every class. The racial skills are more a cool bonus, the more important skills will be provided by the classes. Here are some examples for the special charr-skills: they part in the so-called utility skills and elite skills. Elite skills have to charge first, therefore they are very powerful and can change the course of a fight.

One of the elite charr skills is called "war band support". For a limited period of time additional fighters are summoned who can take damage and allow the player to regenerate an back up a little from the scramble/turmoil. One of the utility skills of the charr is the "hidden pistol". No matter what weapon the character is wealding, if he choses the hidden pistol he can pull out that little weapon and throw a bullet towards his enemy.

Jeff Grubb: Think of it as an Indiana-Jones-skill.

Jon Peters: The charr have evolved technologically and we wanted to express that with this skill. Or with the shrapnell mines. Another utility skill is the battle cry, to support fellow combattants.

GameStar: How and where do we fit in the elite- and utility-skills in our skill list?

Jon Peters: You have a slot for one elite skill. You can choose this elite skill from the pool of your classes or races skills. There are three slots for utility skills. And again you decide: class- or race-skill. The class-skills contain about 20 utility skill. The rest of your skills is bound to your weapon. The elite- and utility skills allow you to change your skill deck in a similar way you know it from the first part of Guild Wars.

GameStar: And we are especially looking forward to this. Many thanks to both of you.