View Full Version : Bulen and Lan - what if...

05-20-2011, 05:21 AM
Bulen would have been just a random Malkieri wanting to join him?

I surmise Lan actually might not have relented. It needed to be someone Lan was familiar with to open the flood gates. I know an army gathering around Lan was a given, because basically this is a book and we as readers need to feel good about it.

But I'm toying with the idea that Brandon would have gone with Lan dying alone a pointless death for absolutely nothing would just be shocking. Realistic and totally within the fatalistic character of Lan.

05-20-2011, 05:51 AM
a) I'm not too sure Lan is fatalistic. He just tries to be realistic and responsible while staying faithful to his oaths. The way that I understand the situation he doesn't want to die, he just has no other choice and he can't find a way out of the situation. And he doesn't want to get people killed while he tries to keep his oaths, otherwise he does't mind the company.

b) He already felt guilty about cheating on his oaths as he was riding away. If not Bullen 'the complete stranger' he would have caved in to one of the next groups he ran into.

c) even if he stood his ground and ignored/avoided everyone (which Nynaeve would have anticipated given the extent of her preparations) he would have been caught at Fal Dara the same way he was caught at the pass where he was recognized by his horse. I am pretty certain that Nynaeve had contingency plans for her contingency plans, and that there was no way he would have been able to reach the pass without getting caught.

d) I don't understand what Lan's lonely death would achieve. Shock for the sake of shock is a pretty poor excuse for a plot line. Besides which it would totally have been out of character for the books.