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To recap the concept:

First, pop over here (http://www.theoryland.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=5669)for the main thread, to see our list of upcoming characters.

I’d like discussions to link back to any existing theories, threads and ideas, but let’s try and integrate them into new theories, thoughts and ideas okay? This is less to do with whether we “like” characters – we are Theorylanders, and we are not vapid. If you want to be a Theorylander, practice thinking critically and objectively. Don’t worry, we’ll help!

This week, we're discussing Valan Luca.

Valan Luca, the showman extrordinaire, and choice of discreet transport for Emond's Fielders fleeing danger. And now, likely connected to today's Twitter-announced internet clue for the Great Hunt 2011.

BrandSanderson Brandon Sanderson
Here's your clue for the internet code (different from the army one): Felix Pax. Try your guess on the Great Hunt page of my website. #wotgh
BrandSanderson Brandon Sanderson
For now, I have a clue for you to try guessing a clue on-line. You might want to coordinate with Theoryland or Dragonmount on this. #wotgh

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oh nellie...

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Name Origin Parallels of Valan [Non-WoT sources]

Who's character's name can mean Valor or Valour, in WoT?
Valan. Part of Valan Luca's own name.

What does Valan mean in Tamil language?
Prosperity (Vazhamai or Vazhan)
Valan, a given name

What does Valan mean in Hindi language?
(Valan, phonetic वालन ) means “Whalen”
(Vala, phonetic वाला ) means “The”
(Val, phonetic वाल ) means “Wall”

What does the name Valan mean in Urdu language?

What does the name Valan mean in Finnish language?
An Oath (noun).
To Cast, Mold (transitive verb)

What drug and herb is related to Valan's name?
Valerian (http://ods.od.nih.gov/factsheets/Valerian-HealthProfessional/), Valerin (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valerian_%28herb%29).

What is an anagram of Valan?
Lavan. In Spanish, the verb lavan is infinitive Lavar.
Lavar in English means 'to wash'. In its transitive form 'to wipe, clear' as in disgrace, doubt et al.

The name Valan is associated with what places?
1.Honningsvag Valan airport (code HVG) in Norway.
2. Nordkapp, Norway (means roughly North Cape in English)
Nordkapp's coat-of-arms includes:

What famous poet took a pen name similar to Valan?
Katri Vala (http://www.kirjasto.sci.fi/kvala.htm), of Finland.

You missed Tolkiens "Valar" which are more or less gods.

Rand al'Fain
11-12-2011, 12:48 AM
You missed Tolkiens "Valar" which are more or less gods.

And Valan sounds remotely like Albion, the earliest known name for Britain!

Anyways, Valan is like a pawn of sorts (maybe a rook or something slightly higher) that had an important part, but will continue traveling with his circus. Maybe aquire more s'redit for his show.

11-12-2011, 04:52 AM
So Sanderson lurks on our boards?

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So Sanderson lurks on our boards?

Isn't a lurk the same thing as a fade aka mydraal. Conclusion Brandon works for D.O.

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More clues from Twitter:

BrandSanderson Brandon Sanderson
The code, which comes from RJ's notes, uses a word that I believe was NEVER used in the series. #wotgh

BrandSanderson Brandon Sanderson
Many are thinking the word is "Magic." That is the right idea--but not the right word. #wotgh
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thepaperstones Corey Podwinski
@@BrandSanderson circus?
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Brandon Sanderson
@BrandSanderson Brandon Sanderson
@thepaperstones You are a very smart person. Now you need some more words to go with your guess. Input them on my site.

So, what connections does Valan Luca have to Magic? Well, he is a showman working for a circus, where tricks of a sort are performed. Also, he was present for the illusionary village in Shiota.

11-12-2011, 05:12 PM
Is this the first appearance of Valan Luca?
In another of the big structures, a woman in voluminous white robes appeared to make things vanish from one basket and appear in another, then disappear from her hands in great puffs of smoke. The crowd watching her oohed and aahed loudly.
"Two coppers, my good Lord," a ratty little man in the doorway said. "Two coppers to see the Aes Sedai."
"I don't think so." Rand glanced back at the woman. A white dove had appeared in her hands. Aes Sedai? "No." He gave the ratty man a small bow and left.

Rand al'Fain
11-12-2011, 11:38 PM
Is this the first appearance of Valan Luca?
I don't think so. Otherwise, Luca had recieved an off-screen facelift and Jordan never told anyone about it.

11-15-2011, 11:55 AM
Valan Luca wears a cape, and a cloak...and breeches and britches...and probably has good hair.