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11-20-2011, 07:54 PM
this is not a theory that is gonna go into every small viewing and prophecy in the book but will hit individual points about why I think Rand will be dead at the conclusion of AMoL.

A popular theory in the fandom at the moment is that Rand will die during AMoL and be resurrected by the end to save the die and then go into hiding. A few reasons for this belief.

1. The Finns - "To live you must die." This is an indication that Rand will be killed so the world will have to come together and work together until Rand can be resurrected back into the world to save the day.

2. The Dragon fang in the Emond's Field vision/viewing (can't remember which - This hints to some that Rand will live at the end in hiding as a farmer back in EF and the fang on the door indicates his survival.

3. Aviendha's trip into Rhuhidean's rings - hints that Rand, The Dragon, left at the end of the Last Battle and the world struggled without him.

My argument is that Rand will die, be resurrected by Nyneave, seal the Dark One and then die in the process and disappear but that what he did will inspire the world to rebuild anew and have hope. To counter point number 1, to live you must die does not have to be as literal as some may take it. You could incorporate point 2 with 1 in that after the Last Battle, Rand will die but yet he will still live with his memory. Lews Therin's memory was tained with what he did to his family and what he did by breaking the world with his madness. With Rand's sacrifice at the end, his blood and sacrifice will be the worlds salvation as they look upon that to work together to rebuild. The Dragon fang on the door of Emond's Field will be the new symbol of hope and not hate. Rand's memory will be what keeps him alive. Remember, the Finns don't always speak literal. Sometimes what we might take as literal might mean something deeper. With this, Rand's sacrifice will inspire the world to regain hope and rebuild. Robert Jordan always talked about how with fantasy, there can always be light around the corner after every dark day. This will be the ending of AMoL with the darkness being pushed away and even though the world will teeter on the edge of a blade with the Seanchan, the world will be safe from the dark and can begin to rebuild and make compromises. Now to point 3. This will not be long because we know that her visit to the rings may not be the certain future. It's just a possibility. The Dragon abandoning the people could mean that his sacrifice left the world alone and having to deal with issues alone and quite possibly not making the world as good of a place as people hoped (such as the situation with the Seanchan). The viewing of 3 woman, Min, Aviendha and Elayne on the boat with Rand's body and the funeral pyre are all relevant and I believe happen at the end after his last death (or could be after first death) but will be used as a sign of hope and optimism using his sacrifice to inspire the world to work towards a better tomorrow

11-21-2011, 04:52 AM
"To live you must die."
That could just have been a clue as to how he had to overcome his depression on Dragonmount.
2. The Dragon fang in the Emond's Field vision/viewing (can't remember which - This hints to some that Rand will live at the end in hiding as a farmer back in EF and the fang on the door indicates his survival.Not likely, that:
"Not that sunlight," Min whispered. "A viewing. I see dark clouds, pushed away by the sunlight's warmth. I see you, a brilliant white sword held in your hand, wielded against one of black, held by a faceless darkness. I see trees, growing green again, bearing fruit. I see a field, the crops healthy and full." She hesitated. "I see the Two Rivers, Rand. I see an inn there with the mark of the Dragon's Fang inlaid on its door. No longer be a symbol of darkness or hate. A sign of victory and hope."I do not see any reason to think that Rand will become an inn keeper.

11-21-2011, 10:58 AM
Personally I'm a fan of the body swap theory with Moridin but as to what will happen to Rand, when he was in Far Madding with Min I seem to remember her threatening to bring him back to the city and make him grow his hair long etc. There was something about the way it was written that reminded me of the scene where Rand told Min he would cut off his hand/arm before letting her come to harm.

11-21-2011, 03:56 PM
he's not gonna be an inn keeper. He will be dead