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04-05-2012, 08:41 AM
Long time lurker; my unfinished story For critisim :)

The setting sun beyond the hills had left an amber glow on the clouds. The valley below was already slowly engulfing in dark. He sat quietly by the side of the lake, as quiet as the dark water with depths unknown. He had already started a small fire to keep him warm in the chilly air. This wasn’t his first night in this wilderness nor would it be his last he suspected. He fingered the parchment in his coat pocket, the contents of which he had committed to memory long ago; he would take this paper out of his pocket and reread it countless times a day. Once again he took the small piece of paper out; the handwriting was elegant with just one sentence "Go there, Go alone. And wait". He read it once more, then neatly folded the paper and returned it to his pocket.

"Go there, Go alone. And wait"; the sum of all the communication he had in past few years from them. There was no mistaking the place, and the instruction asking him to go alone was not surprising, but wait? Wait for what? Wait for how long? Why now? Why after all these years?
This place had significance in his life, so far away from civilization; it had taken him 2 months just to get to this lake. This wasn’t the first time he had spend time here, and this wasn’t his first time he was without a clue as to what to expect. But still not knowing always made him restless. Taking a pouch of tobacco from his saddle he mentally noted the remaining quantity. He would soon run out of his supply he had brought with him, better to save it for now. He would rethink about enjoying a pipe after his dinner.

Food was plenty in this area, fish from the lake, and small rabbits in surrounding forest were easy to catch, even fruits were aplenty, and the spring for drinking water was not far from the cave he used at nights. Lifting his bottle to his lips we gulped down the last remaining water in it. He would need to get more water before he starts his dinner. Dinner today consisted of a small rabbit and he still had some beans to force it down with. After gutting the rabbit and putting in on a spit to roast he picked up his bottle, pulled his crossbow over the shoulder and headed out towards the spring. The forest had embraced the night fully but his feet knew the way without the need of his eyes.

Filling up his bottle he noticed the silence around him. He had lived a lifetime in wilderness; to someone who had lived in a city, the forest might seem quiet but to him it was full of various night noises; insects , owls, small animals, even bats, a forest was more alive at night than it was in the day time. But now he could hear nothing, not even crickets.

Instinctively he crept into the shadows of the trees and tried to look in all directions at once.
There was something moving just beyond the sight deeper in the forest in front of him, he caught flickers now and then, whatever it was, it was fast, as if someone was running blindly in the dark, running without care to where it would lead just to run from whatever was behind it. A few more yards and the object step out in the clearing around the spring. In the moonlight he could see that it was a man, torn clothes, disheveled long hair to his shoulders, face sporting an untrimmed bread, the man’s features were buried behind layers of dust, just hollow eyes stared out of darkness, casting a fearful glance back at the forest the man jumped into the spring, desperately hurrying across.

Right at that time, another shadow of a man hurled itself on the man, and the two fell crashing into the spring. And then began the strangest fight he had ever seen between two men, both went at each other tearing away, snatching, both looked same to him , torn clothes, long hair, unshaved dirty faces, but now there was a glow in each mans eye, a glow that screamed murder at the other person.

Growling wordlessly they kept on fighting, hitting, throwing, kicking, even biting if they got the chance. Intensity in each mans movement reminded him of hungry wild animals, he continued watching from his position, waiting for an outcome. Then one man managed to throw the other in the water, it was impossible to tell which was which now, the guy who was running or the one who was pursuing. As soon as the man had thrown his opponent in water he picked up a rock and started smashing it on the head of the other. If it was lighter, even he, from this distance, would have been able to see the color changing in the water as blood mixed into it. The man kept on smashing the rock for a while and then dropped beside the now “apparently” dead body, exhausted.

A lot of time passed before the victor moved again and climbed out of the spring on his side of the stream. It was then that he noticed that it was the same man who came out first in the clearing, the one being pursued. The man sat down heavily on the bank and began to examine his wounds, some were bleeding and some were just scratches. There were few teeth marks on his hands as well from where the other man had been bitten him.

He still stayed in his position and observed the victor. He was still deciding if he should approach the other man when the stranger got up and started dragging himself onwards towards the lake. Carefully he started to follow; slowly, not letting the other person suspect someone else was there. The stranger changed his direction towards where the cave lay hidden from unsuspecting eye behind bushes. Reaching the bushes he took out an envelope and held it high above his head before falling down.

One look at the envelope and he rushed towards the stranger; his mind kindled by multiple questions, who was the stranger, why was he here in front of this cave, and why, why why did he have that envelope; the envelope with that symbol, that symbol which was so much tangled with his own life, was this the person he was sent to wait for? Should he have helped the person before? But how could he have known?

When he reached the person, he was too late, the stranger was not breathing anymore, his hand still tightly gripped the envelope, there was no mistaking about it, it was the same as he had got, the same symbol, the same texture of paper.

He forced the envelope out of his death grip, careful as not to tear it. He hurriedly opened it and turned it upside down. A small piece of paper fell on his lap, picking it up he noticed it was folded neatly; he opened it and on it was written one single line:

"Go there, Go alone. And wait"