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04-07-2012, 06:40 AM
I finished TGS last night. Funny how things have changed for me since my first time through almost two years ago. I blame this site which has given me a clearer understanding of so many things.

- Egwene: On my first time through I loved her. I understood her. It's the classic story of a small town girl making it big. She has grown up so much. On my second time through, especially concentrating on the details, I'm really starting to hate her. She has forgotten her roots and her loyalties. While I do understand that healing the tower is a huge job and something that will only make the world more prepared for TLB there is nothing wrong with loving your friends and the treating them with respect. I think she will refuse to help Rand like the AS did the first time.

- Mat: Easily my favorite of "The Boys". Mostly because I like to laugh and Mat is so darn funny. He's also the most grounded. I like the contrast. His story is so adventurous from beginning to end.He never really gets a big head through it, he only wants his accomplishments to be acknowledged by people he perceives as thinking they are better than him. ie: Elayne, Nyneave, Egwene, AS in general. He almost always does the right thing even if he really doesn't want to. He has some real honor in him.I think he will out maneuver Demandred like a boss in TLB. (first read through Perrin was my favorite)

- Nynaeve: First time through she really pissed me off, constantly. I wanted to pull that braid out of her head. Now she beats Egwene, hands down. What a great woman. Her and Lan are so darn cute I just want to pinch their cheeks. Again it's the details. She never forgets to think about Mat, Perrin, or Rand. She has their back throughout the whole series. Her loyalties never waiver. She even tempers it well with her new found loyalties to Lan. She lobbies to Rand on his behalf but never gives up on Rand's heart.She is the only one who really doesn't have any other concerns or ambitions besides keeping Rand alive. She has grown more than any of them. I believe she will be the true TR female hero of TLB. She will simply pull her braid at the DO and it will be done. (lol)

- Perrin: OMG I loved him and Faile (sp?) the first time through, now I'm just confused by what purpose he's really serving. Yes the prophet and the shaido had to be dealt with and I suppose the White cloaks have to be brought to our side as well, but blood and bloody ashes, did it really have to take 54 days for you to rescue your wife? You are Tavyren man COME ON. Yes, I do suppose his association with Tylee did lay the ground work for a Seanchan alliance. Oh crap, guess he has managed to do some important stuff. In TLB I think he will lay down his weapon at some point and help find the song. Or something to that effect like I can't quite put my finger on it but he was always too conflicted by the way of the leaf for it not to be important in some way at the end.

- Rand: Poor Rand. I hate that this time through I see him less as a Hero. He's really just a boy. It truly sucks to be him. The weight of the world is upon his shoulders and everyone just keeps taking from him. Then they act all shocked when he becomes crazy, hard, Rand and starts BF'ing everything. Only Ny and Min truly care about Rand the person. Even Avi and Elayne worry about themselves before Rand. His plan to actually kill the DO is a good one, but we all know the light can't survive without the dark. I want him to live and get his picket fence ending but I can't really see that happening. I've seen some good theories (like the stilling and Ny healing him back to full power, I liked that idea) but I try not to dwell on the ending too much. What if I guess it and then it's just disappointing. At least where Rand is concerned.

- Verin: Something struck me yesterday. As she was dying, getting into the bed don't have the exact quote but something to the effect of "I have so much to do when I come back, I hope I come back". Rut Rho Raggy! She will be back.

Just a few thoughts I had at 5AM. I really enjoy lurking here so I wanted to share. Thanks for reading.

04-07-2012, 07:31 AM
Verin: Something struck me yesterday. As she was dying, getting into the bed don't have the exact quote but something to the effect of "I have so much to do when I come back, I hope I come back". Rut Rho Raggy! She will be back.
Not quite.

"I will admit that the poison was a backup plan," Verin said. "I am not eager for death; there are still things I need to do. Fortunately, I have set several of them in motion to be . . . seen to, in case I do not return. Regardless, my first plan was to find the Oath Rod, then see if I could use it to remove the Great Lord's oaths. The Oath Rod appears to have gone missing, unfortunately."

Saerin, Egwene thought, and the others. They must have taken it again. "I'm sorry, Verin," she said.

"It might not have worked anyway," Verin said, settling back on the bed, arranging the pillow behind her streaked brown hair. "The process of making those oaths to the Great Lord was . . . distinctive. I do wish I'd been able to discover one more tidbit for you. One of the Chosen is in the Tower, child. It's Mesaana, I'm certain of it. I had hoped to be able to bring you the name she was hiding under, but the two times I met with her, she was shrouded to the point that I couldn't tell. What I did see is recorded in the red book.

"Be careful where you tread. Be careful how you strike. I will leave it to you to decide if you want to try to get all of them at once, or if you want to take the most important ones separately in secret. Perhaps you will decide to watch and see if you can counter their plots. A good interrogation might yield light upon some of the questions I was not able to answer. So many decisions you must make, for one so young." She yawned, then grimaced as a pain stabbed her.

Egwene rose, walking to Verin's side. "Thank you, Verin. Thank you for choosing me to carry this burden."

Verin smiled faintly. "You did very well with the previous tidbits I gave you. That was quite the interesting situation. The Amyrlin commanded that I give you information to hunt the Black sisters who fled the Tower, so I had to comply, even though the leadership of the Black was frustrated by the order. I wasn't supposed to give you the dreaming ter'angreal, you know. But I've always had a feeling about you."

"I'm not certain I deserve such trust." Egwene looked down at the book. "Trust such as you've shown."

"Nonsense, child," Verin said, yawning again, eyes closing. "You will be Amyrlin. I'm confident of it. And an Amyrlin should be well armed with knowledge. That, among all things, is the most sacred duty of the Brown—to arm the world with knowledge. I'm still one of them. Please see that they know, although the word Black may brand my name forever, my soul is Brown. Tell them. . . ."

"I will, Verin," Egwene promised. "But your soul is not Brown. I can see it."

Her eyes fluttered open, meeting Egwene's, a frown creasing her forehead.

"Your soul is of a pure white, Verin," Egwene said softly. "Like the Light itself."

Verin smiled, and her eyes closed. The actual death was a few more minutes in coming, but unconsciousness came first and swiftly.

04-07-2012, 11:53 AM
Ahhh. See reading it makes all the difference. I interpreted it wrong in the listening. I was so happy though... QQ.

04-17-2012, 06:22 AM
I think the low point for egwene was binding Perrin in TAR with balefire flying about.

Other than that, I think she's a young girl thrust into leadership which means difficult decisions. Unpopular decisions.