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01-28-2013, 12:27 AM
These are my initial thoughts on both the Memory of Light as well as the ending to the Wheel of Time. As this is my first thoughts on the subject, as always, I apologize if something has already been covered in another post/theory in this section. I try to give my unprejudiced opinion first.

I found AMOL to be a good read. The action was plentiful, and I did find myself often racing to get to the end of a chapter or section of battle. For me, the scene I most enjoyed was the battle between Egwene and Taim. However, for me, my favorite scenes were with Mat. Mat for me, is truly an engaging character. I very much enjoyed Mat's character throughout the book, and felt that he was more natural than in prior Sanderson books.

My biggest gripes were the earlier Lan scenes, where he seemed out of character. I really didn't see Lan questioning himself so much. I've always seen as Lan as the rock. I also thought that the ending could have been more descriptive. I would have expected much more of an epilogue.

Anyway, I did very much enjoy the ending to the 3rd Age in general. What Rand did with the True Power made sense. Use the Dark One's own power to protect saidin and saidar against the Taint and then return the pattern to how it was originally without Seals.

The ending was pretty much was as I had envisioned.

It's not that a body switch has to occur, but it seems a very plausible way to keep Rand alive post-TG and without his LTT baggage. I suggested this awhile back, and happily still believe that it would be more interesting to see Ishamael and LTT trapped in one body to it's death, while Rand was to take over the Moridin body and walk away a new man. That, ihmo, would be a "happier" ending.

I'm always torn between the body switch with Moridin concept, and the fake death concept.

Either one would satisfy me.

So boo-freaking-yah. Not only did I correctly predict that Rand would survive the Last Battle, but I predicted Rand walked away a new man in Moridin's body, which basically helped him fake his own death. Both theories proved true, so I'm very satisfied! I even nailed the "walk away a new man" idea.

In any case, the biggest questions left from Rand's "death" was how did he body swap with Moridin? He exited the cavern as Rand holding Moridin. So it seems to have occurred after the Dark One is sealed away and Rand escaped from Shayol Ghul. Did the Aiel woman who found him do it? Who was she? Or was it Alivia? Doubtful that it was Alivia as I don't think she would be skilled enough to pull something like that off.

I'm glad that the books did leave some theories imperfect, which is great because it leaves us something to discuss!

Some more points that I felt important reading through the books:

Taim was raised to Chosen. Something that some people here debated if it could happen. Sure enough, it did.

Egwene's fight with Taim, and eventual death, was probably the most anticipated moment for me. I really felt that Taim and Logain would duke it out, but it ended up being Egwene's final battle. I was rather disappointed though that Logain wasn't more involved with the last Battle considering the visions of his glory.

I enjoyed Hawkwing pointing out that the Heroes would never fight for the Shadow, and when Mat started to respond, Hawkwing made it clear Mat was told wrong. I laughed pretty hard at that one. So very Jordan-esque!

Perrin figuring out how to enter/leave the wolf dream was interesting. It turned out what Luc/Isam did wasn't unique. And more interesting was the Perrin was able to talk to Nynaeve from the wolf dream while in the cavern. I don't know where to start with that!

Gawyn vs Demandred was interesting. I really felt that Galad would be a better match for Demandred, but he wasn't. Even Lan admitted he wasn't on par with a wounded Demandred because of his fatigue. So Lan's near death really didn't surprise me, but his return to life did! To see Lan make it past the Last Battle for me, was wonderful! I really didn't think he'd make it.

Olver blowing the Horn was probably not a surprise, but it was one of those moments where I wasn't 100% sure if it would work. Although, it was great that the death that actually counted was the balefire moment in Caemlyn. Not the tree, which so many had assumed.

So overall, I really did enjoy the final book of the series. I wouldn't considering it in my Top 5 books of the series, but it did bring closure to years of waiting to know how it was all going to end. So I'm a very satisfied HCFF.

Thank you Brandon for writing such a work for Jordan. It was truly great that you took upon this task.

01-28-2013, 05:31 AM
And the negatives?

01-28-2013, 12:55 PM
The negatives were:

Lan's personality being off during the beginning of the book. Him questioning himself didn't seem to make sense to me.

The shortness to the ending of the series. Really felt there should have been more in the epilogue.

The overall writing was not as descriptive as I normally like in a WOT book, but the series has to be wrapped up.

I'd give it 4 out of 5 stars to use another threads question now that I've looked around this forum.