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The Unreasoner
04-27-2013, 01:42 PM
So a friend of mine came over for dinner last night, and after more gin than was healthy we began to bitch about everything from Congress to...it had something to do with boats, I think?

Anyway, between those notable bookends was about an hour complaining about scenes we didn't like in the final 3 books, and at some point I think I said "I could write Mat's scenes, and they would fucking rule" and my friend (hereafter referred to as Da'concion) raised by saying he would rewrite the entire AMoL trilogy.

So, now we are considering rewriting a few scenes that we found especially displeasing, and are putting together a list. Da'concion is is rereading TGS, I'll be starting ToM tonight, then we'll both take a quick pass over AMoL. But are any TLanders interested in participating? Either by rewriting/outlining or nominating scenes?

A few caveats:
NO MAJOR CHANGES TO THE PLOT. Sorilea is still not a Darkfriend(:D), Taim is (:mad:), Moiraine and Thom still get married after the least plausible love story in the Seven Ages of Men (:confused:).

NO THEORY SHILLING. If you help, do it for the scenes and the fandom, not to pump up your theories and/or eulogize the ones that didn't pan out.

FUCK ANDROL. Androl is the worst character ever. He dies.

GO EGWENE. *gags* So after I got in my Androl clause, Da'concion put in an Egwene one, namely 'make her even moar awesum!' Maybe she gets to live, and retires? IDK.

PROPS TO BRANDON. This isn't in any way meant to be a jab at Brandon. This is a positive effort. Our only enemy is the scenes we felt as jarring, and of course amyloidosis.