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05-09-2014, 03:15 PM
So, because I'm bored, here's my challenge.

I will write a One Power duel.

You guys pick the circumstances.

Here are the rules.

Any channeler of either gender (except Rand) vs any other channeler of either gender. You pick the setting.

Oh and no Androl. Don't ask for Androl. I'm not going to write a gateway fight.

05-09-2014, 03:42 PM
Oh and one other rule. Place the POV character's name first.

Egwene vs Aran'Gar is Egwene's POV

Aran'Gar vs Egwene is Aran'Gar's.

That way I know whose POV you want.

05-10-2014, 04:39 AM
Talaan versus Sorilea.
A fight about water. If you want, you can have Talaan unaware of what the actual problem is.

05-10-2014, 03:09 PM
Little Nika splashed about in the tub, spilling soapy water onto the white-tiled floor. The girl's face was covered in suds, her dark hair weighed down and clinging to her back. She squealed with delight.

Grinning at the child, Talaan closed her eyes. She shook her head, struggling not to laugh out loud. “You are making quite a mess,” she teased. “Rand al'Thor's servants will not be pleased to have to clean it.”

The daughter of her eldest sister was as slippery as an eel on land, on deck or in the water. Most children who had not yet seen five winters had an astonishing surplus of energy, but Nika put them all to shame. In truth, Talaan enjoyed these moments. It was unlikely that she would have children of her own – Windfinders seldom found husbands – but she could share in these moments. She sometimes dreamed of what it would be like to discover that Nika shared her talent with the One Power. What would it be like to share the glory of saidar with another person?

Talaan embraced the Source, weaving threads of Air and Water into the tub. They scooped up a ball of soapy liquid that wobbled as through trying to slip out of her grasp. With a thought, she flung it at Nika.

The girl let out a screech, crossing arms in front of her face to shield herself from the splash. “Not fair!” she bellowed. “You wouldn't like it if I splashed soap all over you. It gets in your eyes!”

To demonstrate, Nika brought up a hand to splash what felt very much like a tidal wave all over Talaan's blue shirt. The impetuousness of children. A weave of Water and Fire drained the moisture from her clothing.

“What is this?”

Even with the incredible acuity that saidar gave her ears, Talaan had not heard the other woman's approach. She turned to find one of those Aiel savages – a Wise One, it seemed – standing in the doorway.

The woman wore a long, bulky skirt and a white blouse. A face like worn leather was twisted in a scowl, and long silver hair fell to her shoulderblades. “Even children of such a young age should know better than to waste water.”

Talaan bit her lip, her face contorted in a wince. “And what business is it of yours, woman?” she said, turning back to the tub. “My niece has as much right to a bath as any of your people.”

The Wise One sniffed.

“My people do not take baths,” she said, pacing a circle around the room until she was standing by the wall on Talaan's right. The look of utter disdain on her face made it clear that this was not going to end easily. “When every drop is precious, to waste water by immersing yourself in it is a sin beyond forgiveness.”

“This isn't the Waste,” Talaan insisted.

The Wise One lifted her chin, her lips pressed into a thin line. She seemed to be staring down her nose at Talaan. “No indeed,” she replied. “In the Three Fold Land, a meagerling like you would have been taught respect long ago. I am called Sorliea, and under this roof, you will show me respect.”

Of all the arrogance! Talaan had half a mind to bind this woman to the wall – her strength in the Power was negligible – but Caire would be displeased. Not to mention Harine din Togara. Offending one of Rand al'Thor's allies would not see her strung up by her ankles, but a public strapping was not out of the question.

Before she could stop herself, however, Tallan wove Water and Air. Threads of the One Power scooped up another ball of water and flung it at the Sorliea. It splashed over the Wise One's body, seeping into her blouse.

Sorliea's face twisted as through she had just chewed on a lemon. “Where I come from,” she said, stepping forward. “That is grounds for a Blood Feud.”

Was the woman threatening her? Aiel were a temperamental lot, willing to kill for the smallest infraction. Suddenly Talaan was very much aware of the knife on the other woman's belt. Surely Harine could not blame her for defending herself. Better to defuse this situation now.

Talaan stood.

She thrust a hand out, and weaves of Air lashed out from her fingers. They coiled around the other woman's body, lifting her right off the floor. Surely this would show the savage that she was outclassed.

The glow of saidar surrounded Sorliea, and threads of Spirit extended from her body, slicing through Talaan's weaving.

Flows of the One Power snapped back into her with a force like a jab to the chest, leaving Talaan winded for a moment. Mere seconds only, but the old woman moved like a leopard.

She punched Talaan square in the nose.

The world fuzzed as silver flecks filled her vision, and Talaan nearly lost the True Source. She was barely aware of something seizing her shirt and flinging her down onto her back.

When her vision cleared, she saw Sorilea crouched over her with a knife pressed to her throat. “Release the Source,” the woman commanded. Talaan tried to begin a weave, but the instant she did, the knife dug into her skin. “Release. The. Source.”

Talaan winced, tears leaking from her eyes to run over her cheeks. She tossed her head about in frustration. “Fine!” she hissed. “You have won the day. Now leave alone with my niece.”

Saidar winked out of her, leaving her empty. When it was gone, the old Wise One's face softened. “I would not harm you, girl,” she said, getting to her feet. “Not if I had any choice in the matter. Do not attack me again.”

Now, Gonzo, maybe you could give me an actual challenge? Something where the two characters are evenly matched and I have to get creative?

05-11-2014, 03:13 PM
Pritalle Nerbaijan vs. Lusonia Cole.

Setting: commonroom of the Dancing Cartman

Circumstances: Both characters have been stilled and exiled from the White Tower for treason. They now work as serving maids at the inn. They get into a squabble out back and must now fight each other to the death with a meat cleaver and spiked baseball bat respectively.

05-11-2014, 04:27 PM
That's an invalid request as technically they're no longer channelers.

Okay I'm going to make the rules a little more specific since you guys are just trying to mess with me.

Choose one of the following

Pov character listed first.

male vs male
male vs female
female vs male
female vs female

Choose one of the following

Pov character listed first

Equal in relative strength
Weaker character vs stronger character
Stronger character vs weaker character

Choose one of the following

3rd age
A village
An inn
A palace
A forest
A big city
A pier
The blight.
A famous land mark (specify which)

4th age
A major city
An office building
A night club
A forest (make sure you specify fourth age if you want tech)
A construction site.
A college campus

I will write you that duel.