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05-10-2014, 02:22 PM
Hey all,

As you might have noticed on facebook, dragonmount and all the other websites the Wheel of Time has been nominated for a Hugo for best novel :)

If you can't come to London and you do want to vote for the Hugo's (all categories) you can become a supporting member for about 40 dollars.

For that you get all the wheel of time ebooks :) And all the other nominated works.

Dragonmount has posted a good FAQ about this:

So help support the wheel of time and participate in the hugo's:)

05-10-2014, 06:57 PM
I have to say I'm very conflicted about this. On the one hand, WoT is a series very dear to me, and it entertained me and involved me during some tough times.

I respect it as a body of work, I think it was ambitious, and managed to meet a good amount of its initial ambition.

I truly respect the work RJ put into this, and I was greatly moved by how he handled the balance between his illness and his dedication to his work.

I also think WoT is a flawed work. RJ did show quite a bit of self indulgence, and post his regrettable passing, there are many decisions taken with this series that I think had less to do with art a more to do with commerce (and no, I'm not blaming Brandon here).

With all that said, I do think a Hugo would be a great boon for the series, and I certainly think boost its chances to make it to the screen in a form that does justice to its complexity. Paying $40 to aid this doesn't seem absurd to me.

But I'm also not sure how I feel about entering as a voter when this is motivating me. I'm not sure I can judge the other works in an unbiased manner. I'll almost certainly be joining with an agenda, no matter what I'd like to tell myself. And in doing that I think I'd be undermining the Hugo as an award.

I'm hoping we can have some sane discussion on this here so I can make a decision. I'd welcome thoughts in either direction.


05-11-2014, 02:20 PM
Hey Fionwe, i have been kind of busy today, so i haven't had time to put my thoughts and arguments on paper / on the board.
I will get back to you. :)

05-12-2014, 01:34 PM
Just some thoughts to start a discussion :)

The Hugo award are awarded by the supporting and attending members of world con. (at least the percentage of those people who vote)

Most people do have their own agenda and ideas of what they consider good and who they want to win the Hugo. Even if they try to be objective they will tend to favour their favorite author.

So I do think that everyone has their own bias. so if you join you will be biased for the wheel of time. But I don't think that's bad.

I think it will be good if there is a more diverse group of people voting for the hugo awards.
If more wot fans will participate in this hugo vote there is a chance those people will vote next year as well.

What is important to me is that this is the last year that Robert Jordan or the Wheel of Time can win a hugo.

05-13-2014, 11:33 AM
A hugo award is given for the "best science fiction or fantasy works and achievements of the previous year"

Whatever your personal opinion on how the later books dragged or the ending was flawed I would have to say that the entire series as a whole is one of the greatest fantasy achievements of recent times.

People moan on about the dodgy book(s?) and how it was dragged on for over 20 years but in truth I still struggle to get past two towers in LOTR George R. R. Martin's A Song of Fire and Ice may have all that "edgy realism" and character death but even he doesn't really know where it is all going. Both of which have in almost every poll been rated higher than WoT; but I still prefer WoT as people forget it is not just a story of Rand and the Dark one... but a story of an entire WORLD.

Perhaps the most frightening thing is for a best selling series which has been going on for 20 years the amount of awards it has gained rank at zero I believe (don't think nominnee counts?)

I've read better books, I've read funnier books, I've read more ponient books... but never has a series of books so pulled me into the world than the WoT does.. and its actually its length and scope which pulls you in rather than pushes you away. You can read all the harry potter books in a weekend and enjoy; even for the most ardent speed reader you'll struggle to read all WoT books in a fortnight; and during that fortnight it will consume you.

So... my conclusion is (and my contribution to the argument) I'm torn over a hugo award for "best novel" is ideal - there may be better books in the list (in fact I'm sure of it) but for the entire series (best selling and critically aclaimed I may add) there is little to stand up to the sheer weight of the statistics alone:

11,916 pages
684 Chapters
4,410,036 Words
461h 25m (19 days, 5 hrs, 25min) Audio books
Time to write: 22 years, 11 months, 24 days (January 1990 - 2013)

05-13-2014, 11:49 AM
Technically, he started working on it in 1984.

05-13-2014, 11:50 AM
Technically, he started working on it in 1984.

I wasn't going to quibble over the +/- 6 years when the main author and creator passed on in 2007 :(

Hugh the Hand
05-28-2014, 12:41 PM
I just signed up for this, what format will the books come in? anyone already get theirs?

05-28-2014, 12:42 PM
The voter package hasnt been released yet. But will be quickly