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08-12-2014, 12:01 PM
Rand's thread got me all motivated. I technically started my reread during my honeymoon as tEotW was the one book I decided to bring with me for plane/train ride reading.

I'm slowly reading it (as 1 million other things interfere) as the months go by.

One fun thought I had last night was about this brief passage from right before they enter Shadar Logoth:

TITLE: Eye of the World
CHAPTER: 18 - The Caemlyn Road

Rand flinched each time the staff passed over him. A tingle ran through him with every pass. He could have followed the staff without seeing it, just by following the shivers as it moved over people. It was no surprise to him that Lan was the only one not affected.

Not quite goosebumps but perhaps Rand is actually feeling Moiraine holding the True Source instead? Rand could just be projecting that thought on the others when he thinks they're shivering too.

Another thing I never noticed before (or likely forgot about as its been a few years) is that Rand, Mat, & Perrin explored an Arena and likely a Church/City Hall during their escapade across Shadar Logoth:

TITLE: Eye of the World
CHAPTER: 19 - Shadow's Waiting

Mat wanted to see everything, it seemed, and he pulled the others along with his enthusiasm. They climbed over dusty fountains with basins wide enough to hold everybody in Emond's Field and wandered in and out of structures chosen at random, but always the biggest they could find. Some they understood, and some not. A palace was plainly a palace, but what was a huge building that was one round, white dome as big as a hill outside and one monstrous room inside? And a walled place, open to the sky and big enough to have held all of Emond's Field, surrounded by row on row on row of stone benches?