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04-09-2015, 03:35 PM
The Nightwatcher is a gifting feruchemist, that is, she is able to use feruchemy to affect others, as opposed to just being able to affect herself. Most of the boons and curses that we know about can be replicated through feruchemy. This theory isn't foolproof but it does show a possible pattern with the boons and curses given out, and could demonstrate the bounds of her abilities. Obviously, Feruchemy isn't native to Roshar since it originated on Scadrial, but it seems fairly evident that investitures can be used on worlds that they are foreign to.

Dalinar: His amnesia about his wife could be replicated by filling a coppermind with data about her, or possibly the filling of an aluminummind, which stores identity.

Taravangian: His capacity could be replicated by tapping or storing data in a coppermind. His compassion could be replicated by tapping or storing spiritual connection in a duraluminmind.

Av's father: The exception for this seems to be the bundle of cloth he received, though it is possible the Nightwatcher gave him knowledge or luck to obtain the cloth, which he sold to keep his family from starving during a famine. His curse to see the world upside down could be a twisting of the physical senses of a tinmind, or possibly how feruchemy could be twisted through interaction with Shadesmar.

Av's brother: His numb hands could be replicated by filling a tinmind with the sense of touch.

Lift: Her converting food into stormlight could be replicated by filling a bendalloymind and tapping a nicrosilmind. Her connection to the Cognitive realm could be replicated by tapping a duraluminmind interacting with her nahel bond.

Source for Feruchemy effects: http://coppermind.net/wiki/Feruchemy