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04-28-2015, 04:49 AM
This is the kind of thread I would probably hate if it were a WoT thread, but I'm a casual ASOIAF fan, so here goes.

I know that GRRM has said it's not necessary to be a Targaryen to bond with a dragon.

I still think it's highly likely that Valyrian and/or Targaryen blood carries a gift for skinchanging/warging with dragons. (In the show they call it warging no matter the animal.) As we have seen with the Starks, the ability on the low side is a simple bond, but it can extend to full skinchanging. Perhaps that is dependent on talent; perhaps it's mostly situational. Perhaps it's both.

So, I know that secret Targaryens are kind of the bane of the ASOIAF fandom. I don't care. Jon is obviously one. I believe there is at least one more, and I believe that all the dragonriders will have Targaryen blood.

I can't decide if it's just Tyrion (who has the most foreshadowing next to Jon himself), or if Tywin was completely impotent and all his children were fathered by Aerys II. To me that is completely believable (and fitting), and it doesn't make "secret Targaryens" an overdone thing. Aegon, Mr. Red Herring, made it an overdone thing, I think, hence the fandom attitude towards secret Targaryens.

So after Dany and Jon, IMO the two most likely dragonriders are Tyrion and Jaime. I think Tyrion is more likely, but I could see Jaime.

This thread came about because I was wondering (after making a post in the GOT thread on Non) if Tyrion didn't escape greyscale because of his Targaryen blood, the same way Jon escaped major burning when he killed the wights in GOT, and similar to how Melisandre burned away the poison of Maester Cressen with fire.

Even if Tywin was impotent and none of his children were actually his, they all still have Lannister blood. Joanna Lannister was a Lannister before she married him.

My endgame theory is that Jon and Dany will fight, fall in love, and die (in that order) and that Tyrion will end up on the throne, with Sansa as his queen. The first part is kind of cliché in fandom but if GRRM doesn't go there I will be convinced he changed his mind. Ygritte, kissed by fire. Melisandre, who has been pointed towards Jon at least since the powers of obsidian were first hinted at. It's a theme, these women of fire.

04-29-2015, 12:11 AM
I agree that the dragonriders will be Dany, Jon, and Tyrion. I'm not so sure about Jaime, as I don't really expect him to live that long. I think there are a couple other factors too:

Bran. Depending on what he's capable of, it's possible he can skinchange into the dragons. If Tyrion isn't a Targ (I think he is too, but you never know) or if he needs help for some reason, Bran might get to fly the dragon for him. This would let Bran fly, as he was promised, and create a parallel to when Tyrion helped Bran ride his horse with the modified saddle in book 1.

Euron's dragon horn. Assuming it actually works, Victarion or anyone in the vicinity on Meereen could potentially become a dragonrider, though probably only temporarily.

Other dragons in the world. Euron appears to have traded a dragon egg to the Faceless Men in exchange for Balon's assassination, and Jaqen probably has it in Oldtown. Since this may not even be a Valyrian dragon, who knows who, if anyone, could ride it. Hell, maybe Sam will use it to get back to the Wall quickly with the Horn of Winter. There are also hints of dragons in Dragonstone, and ice dragons at or beyond the Wall. And there's the stupid theory that Bran saw a dragon flying out of Winterfell (through Summer's eyes) at the end of aCoK, but I don't believe that one.

05-02-2015, 05:49 PM
I agree that the dragonriders will be Dany, Jon, and Tyrion. I'm not so sure about Jaime, as I don't really expect him to live that long.

I think Jaime could outlive Jon.

06-12-2015, 06:58 AM
I just read this in ASOS—Jon is talking to Ygritte about dragons outside Queenscrown, where Bran and the rest are hiding inside:

"I had another friend who dreamed of dragons. A dwarf. He told me—"
And then he gets interrupted by one of the Thenns.

As far as I can tell he didn't say anything before this about dreaming of dragons—he was telling the story of the New Gift, and Ygritte asked him if he had ever seen one—so it's kind of a weird line.