View Full Version : JordanCon 2016 Poetry slam

05-04-2016, 10:49 AM
FWIW here is the poem I wrote for the JordanCon 2016 poetry slam... if anyone remembers any of the other entries, post them in this thread pls!

cheeky third son as a joke he
tries to fool a dumb alethi
learns he isn't all that sneaky
highprinces soup starts to reek he's

sent to die in chasms rocky
carries bridges for the airsick he
is spared and becomes stew cook he
spices meals with shells so crunchy

bows to mighty mafah'liki
saves the prince to gain liberty
shares some tales of his home peaks he
drinks to gods of trees and lakes he

joins his crew to find narak he
roams the tower sees a cranky
prince slay the sly king would be
finds his blade and on a lark he
claims it and now we crown thee